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Greetings BNHF's! Welcome to the Oljato page for friends and staff of Camp Oljato, BSA. If this idea catches on this may become an information center for keeping in touch with former Oljato staff and learning about upcoming social events.

Let me know what you think about this page, and what suggestions you may have for future enhancements. If you want to be added to this page, send me something describing what you're up to or a URL of your own home page.

Camp Oljato itself has moved onto the internet, check out the following unofficial camp pages: Scoutcraft and Skills Patrol maintained by Steve Milam. These pages are maintained by Jim Rodden.

For those interested in an ongoing, random correspondance with other former staffers, join the Oljato Staff Listserv maintained by Tom Lebens.

Thanks to everyone who has given their support and encouragement with these pages. Keep the addresses coming!

Oljato Staff Roster

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