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This page was inspired by the writings on the table--the Maintenance Table that is. That pristine, carefully kept clean, white table in the corner of the Family Camp Porch where Oljato's own "Boys in the Hood" enjoy their meals. Oh what a friendly bunch of hard working, sledge swimming, arc welding, clean cut boys affectionately and collectively known as the Keepers of Lou, the Maintenance Crew.

If you've never been to Camp Oljato, even as a guest, you're probably lost already so don't bother reading on because it'll only get worse. Nay, the humor held within is best and quite possibly only appreciated by those who have had the honor of personnally knowing Oljato's very own boys in blue (jumpsuits).

The prose you will find below was enscribed upon the great white Maintenance Table during the summer of '94 shortly after one friendly soul branded the motto of our dear grubby crew across that one distinguished table: "Maintenance Only".

Women with words of Life!
Tools are cool
Tools are neat
Don't sit on a bike
Without a seat
Craftsman are red
Craftsman is the way
Her in the morning
At night in the hay
Tools and women, There's
more to life then them
But these you can use time
and time again.


Life's a Bitch
And then you Die
So Fuck the world
and get me high

The Tanks
You fixed her pipes
then you filled her up.
You wait for her to finish
Empty is she
then you fill her up!
then you fill her up!

Ode to Maintenance
Maintenance is cool
Maintenance is nice
Maintenance puts scouts heads in a vice
They squeeze them tight
And watch them goo
And then the little snivlers
Go Boo-Hoo!!

Ode to Maintenance ][
Believe you me
You guys all see
Everything from
Broken pipes to
Empty tanks
The late hours you work
The nice things you say
Your attitudes so positive--
It breaks down you build it up
A scoutmaster asks
You say shut-up
*All* In *All* You do it *All*
Just a poem from a
Guy named Paul


To keep your morale high
here is a lift
Anger is a Gift!

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