Andrzej Kapolka

1100 Clay St. #6
San Francisco, CA 94108

Experienced, dedicated, and versatile programmer seeks position as lead/principal/senior software engineer in game, graphics, simulation, or tool development. Has worked extensively on production client, server, and library/engine code. Enjoys building intricate systems that solve complex problems using a balance of innovation and pragmatism. Adaptable and self-reliant.
High Fidelity, Inc., San Francisco, CA
Self-Employed, San Francisco, CA
Three Rings Design, Inc., San Francisco, CA
The Naval Postgraduate School MOVES Institute, Monterey, CA
Languages: C, C++, Java, Intel and MIPS assembly language, Lisp, Python, Prolog, Standard ML, Fortran, BASIC, HTML, CSS, XML, VRML/X3D, SQL, UnrealScript, JavaScript, ActionScript, MAXScript, GLSL
Operating Systems: Windows, Linux, OS X
Databases: MySQL, PostgreSQL, MongoDB
APIs: DirectX (including Direct3D), OpenGL, Win32, STL, X-Windows, FLTK, Cosmo 3D, Java 3D, OpenSceneGraph, OpenAL, OpenCV, OpenNI, Open Dynamics Engine, Performer, libvpx, GDAL, Qt
Standards/Protocols: DIS, HLA, CIGI, HTTP, WebSockets, SMTP, Telnet, LDAP
Fungible Insight, January 2012-Present
Project blog documenting an independent line of research into artificial intelligence and gaming technology.
B-Bots (class project), December 2000
An animation editor and an animated music video, rendered on-the-fly in OpenGL. Included smooth hierarchical character animation using quaternions, scripted camera behavior, particle systems, and wireframe 3D implicit surface rendering using the Marching Cubes algorithm.
e y 6 e s : pocket interface panel, 1999-2001
A Java intensive 'concept home page' featuring several 2D and 3D graphics applets, including a spherical panoramic image map; a 3D object slide show with perspective correct texture mapping, environment mapping, and Gouraud shading; a rolling fractal terrain applet with perspective, orthographic, and isometric view modes; and a 3D first person shooter game.