LEGO® Set Review: 6815 Hovertron
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[6815 Set Photo] Hovertron (us)
Exploriens rumscooter (da)
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Space System / Exploriens

Ages 5-18 / 28 Pcs
1 page manual (two sides). 1 model. 1 sheet 'catalog'. Model 1: 9 Steps. ©1996
Price Range: Price: $2.99 US, 11.7 cents/elem; Paid: $2.39 [Target 20% off], 8.5 cents/elem

Review Written: 12 December 1995 by Nathan R. Duffy
Special Features / Compatibility
Extra Elements Decals: Yes
Errors: None

Ratings: Set: Excellent Models: Excellent Playability: Must-Have

If you’re only going to buy one new set, make it this one. It's small, inexpensive, and cool to boot. Anyone have any white 8x8 dishes out there? [that they might be willing to part with, of course :)]


A neat little saucer-like bike with only one minor flaw. A one-person space-skimmer vehicle in the motif of of the Exploriens.


After being quite unimpressed with 6854 and 6899, this was a pleasant surprise. Perhaps I should have built this one first. Nah, then I’d [have been] really disappointed in those other two. Anyway, 6815 is really a pretty simple model, much like a space jet-ski. Only one problem: the flat bottom. It just doesn’t seem right for some reason. The bottom should have been dish-shaped (the large, solid dish with the 2x2 stud connector would have been perfect) rather than flat. Other than that, no complaints whatsoever.


Set Rating:Excellent

Though small, this set exemplifies LEGO. Neither too cluttered nor too sparse, this is just a cool little model. It isn’t excessively gaudy with the transparent hot green, which makes it all the better.

Model Rating:Excellent

Needs only one modification to be perfect.

Playability Rating:Must-Have

Easily picked up and swooped around, it’s light enough to grab with two or three fingers. This model has several moving parts, as well, for added action.


Simple, yet elegant. A jet-ski for space.


Those holo decals are getting old really fast. It needs the dish-bottom piece.



The satellite reflector/wing piece, which acts as a rear fin (white). A round, 2x2 smooth flat piece (intended for the holo sticker). Jet-ski-like handle bars, which attach to a 1-stud center clip. The new Explorien fig & implement of mass destruction. The fig has a multi-colored radio/implant thing on his head (red, green, gold, black). Also, he has a significantly different print on his chest, that of the Exploriens’ logo. It's large, but clean and uncomplicated. A flat, 8x8 round disc. On the top, it is smooth, except for a 2x2 stud connection point in the center. On the bottom, it has connectors 6x6, without the 4 corner studs.


The same circular 2x2 holographic star pattern. Oh and [must be a thematic thing] a holo-sticker for the center of the satellite/fin piece.
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Nathan R. Duffy 22 --- Blacktron I, Space, Space, Technic, Pirates, all others.

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