LEGO® Set Review: 6899 Nebula Outpost


[6899 Set Photo] Nebula Outpost (us)
Station Nebula (fr)
Puesto de Avanzada (es)
Exploriens observationstårn (da)
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Space System / Exploriens

Ages 7-12 / 156 Pcs
24 page manual. 1 model. Full-sized Catalog, "Lego Direct" (S@H) mini-catalog. ©1996
Price Range: $11.99 U.S. (Per Element: ~8 cents/pc)

Review Written: 10 December 1995 by Zach “The LEGO Maniac” Benz
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Blue/Red Stickers (See below)
  • Hologram Viewscreen
  • Extra Elements
  • 1x1 round plate in trans-flourescent yellow/green
  • Decals:

    Ratings: Set: Very-Good Models: Very-Good Playability: Excellent

    Worth adding to a space collection, not that great by itself.


    This is a mid-sized base from the new Exploriens space theme. It is basically two pieces - a rotating platform that can be detatched and presumably fly about on its own, and a supporting base with a video monitor and some tools. These tools include a magnet on a small detatchable arm (that can also be carried by a mini-figure), and a "tool" with a trans-blue and trans-red piece that is used to view the new blue/red stickers. These blue/red stickers change appearance depending on whether you view them under trans-blue or trans-red, and also contain metal so that they can be picked up by magnets (cool!) The rotating platform has 4 helicopter canopies in trans-blue used as windows. The view screen on the base of the outpost is a hologram sticker mounted on a new piece that is the size of a 4x4 plate, but only has dots along the bottom in a 1x4 arrangement. Oh yeah, the set comes with two minifigures, one of whom is wearing the new helmet piece with a hose wrapping around the sides. The color scheme of the mini-figures is grey (mainly dark-grey, except for the legs), black (hands, belt, airtank), white (torso), and trans-flourescent yellow/green (face mask). The set itself is black, white, trans-blue, and trans-flourescent yellow/green.


    This is a cool set, mainly because I got a new catalog to drool over (as amazing as the online scans are, there's nothing like having your own, personal catalog). I think it would make a nice addition to an Explorien world, but on its own its not all the impressive. If you really want a bunch of new pieces or colors, I'd choose another set.


    Set Rating:Very-Good

    Nothing truly spectacular in this set as compared to the other Exploriens sets, and its a bit funny looking to me. Still, the rotating platform is cool, and really looks like some sort of observation station, with a nice telescope (or big laser cannon if you like ) Something new I haven't seen before is trans-flourescent yellow/gree 2x1 plates. They probably come with some of the other Exploriens sets as well, but you get 6 with this one.

    Model Rating:Very-Good

    Again, not spectacular, but would make a nice addition to a space theme. It includes some nice new hologram stickers, as well as the blue/red stickers that change appearance when viewed under trans-blue or trans-red. Gimmicky, but cool nonetheless.

    Playability Rating:Excellent

    This is a great observation station (at least in my mind). Of course, if that big apparatus in the rotating platform is really a laser cannon, then this is a nice over-powered gunnery outpost. I can just see tons of these things being landed all over a planet for defensive purposes. :) This set is most fun in conjunction with some vehicles as well, so that your friendly little Exploriens can move about.


    I like the appearance in general of the new mini-figs, and the set has some interesting pieces.


    This thing is a bit ugly in my opinion - almost looks like a pile of space pieces was just thrown together, and voila, here we have a Nebular Outpost. I do like the rotating platform on top, though I can't see ever needing to remove it. Maybe as an emergency eject? :)


  • Black 4x4 plate with only a 1x4 strip of dots along one edge (the rest is flat)
  • White scope/antenna/blaster element
  • Trans-Fluorescent yellow/green 2x1's


    Two holographic decals are included. One is round, to fit a black 2 X 2 round tile. The image is stars and other light blooms. The other is a "view-screen". From one angle you can see an Explorien astronaut (head only) reporting in, with a planet in the background. From another angle is a satellite, again with the planet in the background. Numbers in a little box also change through different angles (two different strings of numbers). Also, two blue/red stickers that change appearance under trans-blue or trans-red. These also have metal in them so that they (and whatever they are stuck to - normally 2x2 tiles) can be picked up by magnets.
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    Zach “The LEGO Maniac” Benz 19 All, even pirates these days :)

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