LEGO® Set Review: 1822 Sea Claw 7
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[1822 Set Photo] Sea Claw 7 (us)
Crabe De Mer 7 (fr)
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Aquazone / Aquanauts

Ages 8-12 / 183 Pcs
28 page manual. 2 models: 6/28 steps, (c) 1995. 1995 Catalog. ©1995
Price Range: $24.99(?) CDN

Review Written: 1 June 1996 by Kevin Stefan
Special Features / Compatibility
Extra Elements
  • An Extra 1x1 Round Plate or Two
  • Decals: None
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Excellent Models: Excellent Playability: Excellent

    I doubt that the Sea Claw 7 will make it to the next round of sales. You may want to stock up on these. Sadly, you'll then get hundreds of octopi.


    [Editor’s Note: This was culled from a dual 1822 Sea Claw 7/1728 Crystal Crawler review. The review format wasn't designed to handle dual reviews, so they have been separated into two].

    The Sea Claw 7 makes a yellow and black Aquazone vehicle, and is a larger, crab-shaped (viewed from top) submarine, with a magnetic-tipped arm, and a large “claw” assembly. The 6-step model is a small vehicle that can function like an ejection seat, i.e. it can be piloted out the front of the cockpit of the main sub. [Alternate models] include a fair-sized base, and various smaller bases and submersible vehicles, [much] cooler than the [alternate models] on the [Crystal Crawler].


    I’d rate this set an 8 out 10. Basically, this set seems designed along the “bonus” genre, with such sets as Majisto’s Tower, the Treasure Chest and Crater Critters.

    However, despite the packaging differences, the Sea Claw 7 is much more of an actual set than the bonus boxes. (note: I don’t have the Majisto's Tower) It has varied playability, and a cooler overall design.

    If I was given the choice of 3 Sea Claw 7s or 5 Crystal Crawlers, I’d pick the 3 Sea Claw 7’s without hesitation. It’s possible to build a greater variety of vehicles with the Sea Claw 7.


    Set Rating:Excellent

    The Sea Claw 7 has a very good supply of pieces. Notables include three “enclosed” propellors, a number of “wing” plates and bricks, and the large Aquazone cockpit (also seen on the big 6175 sub). It also has an octopus and a bush (green & red). While it has a lower ratio of the “really cool” parts, it has more of the “fairly cool” parts that enable one to build a good set.

    Model Rating:Excellent

    For both [this and the 1728 Crystal Crawler], some features that weren’t initially all too evident made the sets a lot cooler then I though they would be.

    For the Sea Claw 7, the coolness comes as a rubber band. It combines with a very skillful design to make the port side front “wing” into a massive claw. (Hence, the name.) When a “button” (the bottom of a stack of bricks) is pushed, the claw opens, and springs back when it’s released. Just the thing to crush/dismember nasty Aquasharks. (Or if those ugly Time Cruisers ever wander by).

    The Sea Claw 7 is a lot of fun to play with, once the big gimmick wears off. It is a fairly “swooshable” vehicle. (meaning, it’s fun to hold and “fly” around the house, making “swoosh” noises.) It has two Aquanauts, and an “ejection seat” in the cockpit. This is a small vehicle that can fit in the cockpit area, and, presumably, swoosh out when needed. It has fewer gaps in the superstructure, and a more “realistic” design.

    Playability Rating:Excellent

    As mentioned before, the Sea Claw 7 has a cool claw and good “swooshability”. In addition, the “interior” can reasonably hold two Mini-Figures, both standing. That’s cool.


    Good value, and a good mix of cool elements and “boring” ones. Also a good, innovative main model.


    Limited edition


    Display Tray

    The weird plastic bubble in front of the box

    Special/Unusual Elements

    Big front dome (like in 6175 sub), trans-orange box, octopus, crystal, typical AZ arms, wings and octagonal columns. An Ice Planet “chainsaw” body (the part with the pegs), used as a spear gun.


    All the aquazone elements are pretty new.

    Non-Plastic Elements

    Magnets (1 at end of arm, 1 on box), rubber bands

    Decorated pieces

  • 1 2x2 round Aquanaut logo on yellow tile
  • 2 yellow hinged Aquanaut decorated “hatch covers”

    Special Features

    Magnets, elastics.


  • Pilot: Black snorkel mask, white Aquanaut diving suit, zippered Aquanaut torso, white & blue legs, face w/ shades & brown hair.
  • Diver: As above, but blue snorkel mask and bandana/freckles/headband face.
    Reviewer Information
    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    Kevin Stefan 19 --- All. Space, Town & Aquazone as of late.

    I tend to buy sets for the elements, most of the time. Both sets that were reviewed were bought for the elements (as opposed to for the models). They were also bought because I hadn't got any good LEGO sets lately.

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