LEGO® Set Review: 1822 Sea Claw 7
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[1822 Set Photo] Sea Claw 7 (us)
Crabe De Mer 7 (fr)
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Aquazone / Aquanauts

Ages 8-12 / 183 Pcs
27 page manual. 2 models: 6 steps, 27 steps. ©1995
Price Range: $19.99 (US dollars)

Review Written: 27 July 1995 by Derek Schin
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Magnets
  • Extra Elements
  • yellow "light"
  • neon-orange "light"
  • 2 rubber bands
  • Decals: None
    Scale: Mini-figures

    Ratings: Set: Very-Good Models: Excellent Playability: Very-Good

    All in all, I'm glad I bought this set, if for no other reason then I had to see what all the hype was about.


    This is the famous 1822 Sea Claw 7. It's actually an attractive model; unfortunately, it's Aquanaut, not Aquashark, which really has me rooting for the 'Sharks since they appear to be a prosecuted minority in the Aquazone. It looks like a crab, kind of, and uses the black/yellow/trans-orange Aquanaut colors, with the cool blue canopy found in other Aquanaut sets (two piece octagonal canopy).


    After all the hype generated on rtl about this set, I had to see what it was all about. Well, I'm glad I did. The main thing I like about this set is that I can see how TLG will expand the Aquazone series (first seen with the shark-shaped 6155); they'll just make submarines designed after sea creatures!


    Set Rating:Very-Good

    Model Rating:Excellent

    The main model, a crab-like sub with a working pincher, is awesome; however, it's not water-tight, so it loses points there, and it has a rather lame little one-person vehicle that fits inside the main model.

    Playability Rating:Very-Good

    This set is very playable. The pincher works with a spring loaded rubber band, the compass works, and the magnet and obligatory '70s people arm bendy thing provide a lot of "cool" things to impress your Non-Lego Friends (NLFs).


    If you have any other Aquanaut sets, there are no new elements in this set. However, it has an octopus, compass, two Aquanauts, and crome spears and knives. It does contain a rubber band (with two spares) and three decorated elements--a round smooth tile 2x2 with a sub located in gunsights and two hinged panels with the same sub logo and some vents (all pieces common to other Aquanaut sets). The price is also pretty good; I'll probably buy one or two more for parts once the 20% sales start rolling in in a few months.
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    Derek Schin 20 --- Whatever catches my eye; usually not technic or town.

    Job: senior in college; Air Force officer in 306 days.

    I usually build a model according to the directions first, and then it's either torn apart within the day to make something or it'll be displayed until I need a specific part from that set. I'm lucky enough to have all of you that are US citizens paying for my education [ big ;) ] so most of my disposable income goes to Lego (well, car insurance and Taco Bell, too).

    Sorry this review is so short: I've gotta run and I can't save postings that I'm working on...maybe I'll follow up with more info later.


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