Wes Gray
1407 Webster St
Santa Cruz, CA 95062
phone: 831-479-9095
email: wesleygray@gmail.com

Objective To put my computer skills to work in an upbeat and challenging environment.
Languages/Skills I specialize in object oriented software design and database applications. With over 24 years of professional software development experience I have not only worked with many different languages and environments, but I also come up to speed on new ones very quickly:
  • C/C++/Perl/Java/Shell
  • Linux/SunOS/AIX/Windows
  • SQL/Stored procedures/Informix/MySQL
  • HTML/javascript
  • Powerbuilder, Eclipse
  • Education BS in Computer Engineering
    University of California, Santa Cruz
    Professional Experience Programmer/Analyst III
    University of California, Santa Cruz 03/2008 - Present

    At UCSC I am developer, UI designer, and in some cases sysadmin for a web application that keeps track of academic personel salary and review data. We are using LAMP, Zend framework, and JQuery.

    Senior Application Programmer
    Mediware 12/2001 - 07/2007

    I was back at Mediware doing similar work to my Senior Application Programmer job described below. I designed and wrote a complex inventory tracking program. I wrote 2 complete modules built around 3rd party COM objects. In my spare time I've been the CVS repository administrator and the System Administrator for the SunOS and AIX systems.

    Senior Software Engineer
    Schoolpop.com 03/2000 - 10/2001

    My primary work at Schoolpop was using Perl to generate web pages and access a MySQL database. This involved Perl, HTML, and javascript. I also wrote an application to index and do user-based querys of a large set of merchant products. I wrote this in Perl and parts in C for things that needed to be fast. I also was the technical guy for all things related to affiliate tracking.

    Senior Application Programmer
    Mediware Information Systems 1993 - 03/2000

    My most recent work at Mediware was as team lead of a small group of programmers in charge of implementing the client portion of a client/server drug database product. We used Powerbuilder for the Windows client and Informix for the database. I developed an object oriented design for the client, then led the team through the implementation of it. In the past I worked as part of the database design team and have written some of the server side perl and C programs. Prior to my client/server work I was hired on as a C programmer to write interfaces to connect their drug database products with other systems.

    C Programmer
    Digimedics Corporation 1987 - 1988

    I was employed full time by Digimedics as a C programmer to help develop a C/Unix version of their hospital pharmacy database system.

    Junior Programmer
    Digimedics Corporation 1983 - 1986

    I was employed during my high school summer breaks to find and fix bugs in 8080 assembly code for a hospital pharmacy database system.
    Personal Experience I use computers recreationally at home where I maintain my own Gentoo Linux server. Linux and open source software are of particularly interest to me. For the past 6 years I have been an active member of my local Toastmasters club where I work to improve my communication and leadership skills.