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ANNOUNCEMENT: Check out the successor tool to NewsViews - myRadio

All the works of NewsViews, and much more...

NewsViews Tool for Radio Userland, v.0.3

**Peace of Mind for News Junkies**

This is a Radio Userland tool to group aggregated news by Categories.

A news aggregator is "software that periodically reads a set of news sources, in one of several XML-based formats, finds the new bits, and displays them in reverse-chronological order on a single page." [Scripting News]

Reading many many news sources, it's very helpful for the aggregator to display more than a single page, and that's what newsViews does!

Note: This tool does not automatically feed news into weblogs

Download newsViews.root and save to the Tools sub-folder of the Radio UserLand folder.

Access the NewsViews from the Home page, the Tools page, or the Tools menu.
The main page is for sorting your Subscriptions into Categories.
There's a list of Categories - click a link to read news assigned to that Category.
The Subscriptions and Categories are maintained in the usual places.

*Seperate the News Categories from Weblog Categories

*It would be fantastic if the main News reading page would take multiple xmlUrl arguments. Then news could be grouped without duplicating and hacking viewNewsItems.

v.0.3 - 03/06/2002 - In category box, only display categories that have been assigned subscriptions
v.0.2 - 02/13/2002 - The aggregatorData.cache is now used when rendering Categories
v.0.1 - 01/20/2002 - Initial version

*Without this feature, Radio was not going to do it for me. Fortunately, Radio let's me do it for myself!
*This is my first attempt at developing in Frontier and Radio. Comments and suggestions appreciated.
*Basically, I have hacked two routines for this tool - radio.html.viewSubscriptions and radio.html.viewNewsItems.

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