Currently I am hard at work at Yahoo! working as an architect and principal scientist for the display advertising engine and back-end system. I also worked on Yahoo!'s contextual advertising system. Worked at topic page/search engine start-up, for about 3 years. You can check it out at Kosmix.

I previously worked at the IBM Almaden Research Center doing work on unstructured information storage, indexing, search, and information retrieval on web-scale data sets. I work on the infrastructure and algorithms for efficiently processing and mining large data sets. I have worked on the WebFountain indexer, the Trevi Intranet Search Engine, and the OmniFind Enterprise Search product.

Previously, I did research in the Cyberspace Technologies group. My work included developing a framework for Java-based services for thin servers (OSGI). I implemented a subset of the CIFS(SMB) protocol in Java. I also helped create an Internet-enabled soda machine shown at the IBM booth in the 2000 Sydney Olympics using the PIC 16C74 microcontroller, designing the circuit board and software. Other places I have worked for include Internet Media Services, W3.COM, and BuyMedia. You can view my Resume.


I like to swim, explore, photograph, and travel! My favorite places include The Grand Canyon, Foothill Park, and San Francisco.

I also like to write for fun. From 1999 to 2001, I was the Internet Industry Guide, and wrote articles about internet technology and news.

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