UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter

Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 8/24/03

Check out a copy of these minutes at our web pages at: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz


Roz Helfand, President
Rachel Barish, Vice President
Fran Zandonella, Treasurer
Roberta Romero, John Madrid, Phil Mannle, Patrick Chandler, Randy Martin

Meeting called to order at 6:30 PM.

The minutes from the previous meetings 8/7/03, 7/23/03, and 6/8/03 were not approved. Fran agreed to take minutes since Charlie was absent.

Introductions were made by all.

New Business:

LA Chapter Brochure

Rachel Barish has completed the chapter brochure and she passed it around for a last review. Our brochure will be used to tell graduating seniors about our chapter, as well as for letting alumni and financial contributors know who we are and what our chapter provides. We'll make 200 copies for the New Student Send Off Party as well as future events.

Alumni-New Student Send-Off Party: September 6, 2003

As of this day, 91 people have signed up for the party. The postcards to alumni have been sent out (non-profit postage) but have not yet been received. About 30 of the people signed up are new students.

We need at least 6 umbrellas and 50 chairs, but we may need more (8 umbrellas? 75 chairs?). Rachel, Judy, & Robin have some folding tables for check in and food set up. (We'll need to get table cloths (paper?) for them.)

Party Rental Places and Prices
   Del Rey Party Rents 310.391.3124 
      48" Round Table seats 6 = $6.50ea 
         Plastic Folding 
            Beige $0.85ea 
            White $1.05ea 
         Wooden Folding with padding 
            White $1.60ea 
            Black $2.50ea 
            Natural $2.50ea 
      6 Tables with cheapest chairs = $39.00 + $30.60 = $69.60 
      8 Tables with cheapest chairs = $52.00 + $40.80 = $92.80
   Premier Party Rents 310.391.2552 
      48" Round Table seats 6 = $7.75ea 
      Plastic Folding Chairs = $0.99ea 
      6 Tables with chairs = $46.50 + $35.64 = $82.14 
      8 Talbe with chairs = $62.00 + $47.52 = $109.52 
   Dolphin Party Rentals ( Pasadena ) 
   Website gives a good idea of what items are availible for rent 
   (umbrellas, linens and the such) 
      48" Round Table (seats 6) = $6.95 
      Plastic Folding cheap = $0.75 
   6 Tables with cheapest chairs = $41.70 + $27.00 = $68.70 
   Space Saving Table Ideas 
      Standing Cocktail Tables - 42" tall 
         36" diameter (stands 6) $7.85ea
         3 tables = $23.55 
      3 Round Table (seats 6) plus chairs = $20.85 + $13.50 = $34.35 
      3 Standing Cocktail Tables + 3 Round Tables plus chairs = $23.55 + 34.35 = $57.90 
      48 diameter table (seats 6) $17.00
   Vinyl umbrella - 7' $14.00
   Umbrella base $5.00
   Cafe umbrella - 9.5 diameter $25.00 

Balloons - We have 19 UCSC balloons. Judy will purchase the helium tank from Costco, and keep the extra helium. Fran will look into getting more blue & yellow balloons, along with ties and ribbon for the balloons.

Balloon Animals - Fran will ask her friend's Dad if he would make balloon animals for us.

Water Balloons - should we get water balloons if we meet in the park?

Streamers, Banners, & Signs - Fran has asked Claude and Ken about the UCSC banner, but so far, Claude does not have the banner. Haven't heard back from Ken yet. Fran will buy yellow & blue streamers and make signage for the bathroom, parking, and general directions.

Chalk Art - Judy will be doing chalk art (if we meet at her house)

Charactcature Artists - Patrick will ask Nick if he would volunteer his artistic talent for making characatures.

Roz checked out Whole Foods (on Santa Monica Blvd.) for self-catering. It is $700 for 7 trays of finger sandwiches, 3 trays of sliced fruit, 2 trays of veggies, 3 trays of cheese, fruit, and nuts, and 3 trays of dessert. This cost does not include plates, cups, or utensils. Roz will try to get the cost down to $500.

Randy recommended checking out the Co-Opportunity Food CoOp on 16th & Broadway. (He is on their Board of Directors.) Roz will speak to the Deli Manager or the Store Manager.

Volunteer Duties
Robin is organizing the volunteers. Roberta volunteered to help with set-up at 9am. Patrick volunteered to help with clean up (if he is in town that weekend). We need 2 "bartenders" to keep an eye on drinks. We need 2 people each for the following tasks: food set up, decorations set up, and chair set up.

Program Order

9am - Noon     Set Up
9:15am         Rental truck delivers chairs
11:45am        Welcome Table
Hand out badges with Name, College, Graduation Year
color coded by Student, Alumni, Family
Hand out Word Scramble and other ice breakers
Noon           Food served
1pm            Welcome Speech/Program
Roz will give a short welcome speech.  
The Director of Admissions will give a short speech.
Roz will tell people to turn in their Word Scrambles to receive a raffle ticket.
Should we ask people to pair up by colleges or majors or dorms?
Do intro between students and alums
1:30pm         Bring out dessert trays
3pm            Clean up crews start
4pm            Rental truck picks up chairs
Fran will get trash bags and bring drink tub and folding table.

October Monster Mixer: October 16, 2003 7-9pm (Thurs)

This will be an evening mixer, similar to the mixer we had in March. Roz solicited ideas for the next location of the mixer. She will try to work a deal for affordable food and drink. Possible locations are: Sunset Strip - The Trocodero, Miyagi's, Downtown Standard, the Phoenix Bar at the Argyle, the Sky Bar, the Parish Room at the House of Blues, Temple Bar on Wilshire, the Tangier in Los Feliz, the Derby in Los Feliz, and Sangria in Hermosa Beach.

November Annual Business Meeting: November 15, 2003 10:30am

We are looking for possible locations for this meeting. Some ideas are: MOCA, Long Beach Aquarium, the Gene Autry Museum, LACMA, and the Museum of Tolerance.

Ideas for next year:

Alumni art show.


We've begun our website update! The main page has been updated. In order to accomodate a new BBS system, it is likely that we will need to relocate our web pages to somewhere that has more disk space and support for BBS's.

Finance Report:

Fran reported that we have $904.11 in the bank. We are expecting back our deposit of $500 from our Summer Trip, as well as $1000 from UCSC for our New Student Send-Off party. Our deposit got sent to Michele Ploessel's old address, so Fran will call AAA Rentals and cancel the check and get a new one sent to her house. Roz will talk to Allison about when our $1000 will arrive, and our money for the 2003-2004 season.

The UCSC Alumni - LA Chapter website is at: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz

Next Event:

The next event is our New Student Send Off Party and it will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2003 at noon at Judy Silk's house.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Friday, August 29th at Borders in Sherman Oaks, near the 405 freeway on Ventura Blvd.

Meeting adjourned at 7:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, and emendations welcomed, by Fran Zandonella, filling in for Charlie Tripp.

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