UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter

New Student Send Off Planning
Meeting Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 8/07/03

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Roz Helfand, President
Rachel Barish, Vice President
Fran Zandonella, Treasurer
Robin Hart, Member at Large
Judy Silk, Hostess of the Event

Meeting called to order at 7:30 PM at Judy Silk's home.

New Student Send Off Party Planning:


Saturday, September 6th @ Noon
At Judy Silk's home.

Judy's house can hold a maximum of 75 people.

Plan B if more than 75 people is to relocate to a nearby park. Several parks nearby: Palisades Park and Temescal Canyon Park.
Judy will check on permits, if needed.


Alumni Office will take RSVP's and keep track of them on the Who's Going? page.
We need to make sure people who are volunteering remember to RSVP as well (to keep numbers straight).
Rachel will keep track of numbers.


Tables and chairs for eating: Umbrellas (YES!)
Table for buffet/food, check-in, drinks:
Table Cloths and Decorations (skipped until rental prices known)

Rental Places:


Roz connecting with Ken Feingold, checking Gelsons in Palisades
Robin suggested Baja Fresh, Subway, & Togos / Fran suggested CostCo

LA Chapter Alumni Roles/Volunteers

Volunteer Positions:
   Set-up, Clean-up, Check-In Table, Decorating, Signage
      {Fran in coord. with Rachel}
   Special Programing {Roz & Robin}
   Rentals (Rachel)
   Food (Roz)
   Other... like buying Trash bags and miscellaneous needs {Fran}

   RSVP guest communications {??}
   General Volunteer orientation and preparation for party and duty
      fulfillment {??}

   *Chalk Drawings, Helium Tank* {Judy}

From Previous Meeting, Activity Coordinators:

   Food, Menu, Activities, & Main Volunteer Coordinator: Roz
   Set Up, Clean Up, Décor: Fran
   Rentals: Rachel
   Check-In: Charlie

   Robin's duties : Activity Planning, Coordinating Volunteers(?)

General Logistics

Parking (Plenty of Street Parking)

Check-in Operation (??)

Volunteer help during event (??):

Set-up Time

Wind-up Time/Clean-up Time

Ask alumni to mix and mingle with students?
{Robin & Fran think it is a mistake to put pressure on alumni ahead of time.}
+ Tables by Colleges + {all seemed to agree upon}

Name tags
Special Sharpie/Pen for New Students Name Tags
(Gold for Students, Other colors for parents and alumni)

More planning at the August 24th planning meeting.
Volunteer Coordination at the meeting?

Communicating with attending slugs before and about ways to make event meaningful?

Program (Discussed ???)


Do welcomes and introductions, words of congratulations and encouragement, overview of Alumni Association work, and intro to icebreaker.

Do icebreaker.

Other ways to make party both great fun and well organized

Music (Judy has outdoor system - bring CDs)
Flow Routes??


Need: Help do signs at Potluck & Planning Party???

Other Things We May Need and who is doing:

Other Things!

Coverings for Bees
UCSC Alumni Banner (with Claude?)


The UCSC Alumni - LA Chapter website is at: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz

Next Event:

The next event is our New Student Send Off Party and it will be held on Saturday, September 6, 2003 at noon at Judy Silk's house.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be a potluck held on Sunday, August 24th at Fran's house in Burbank.
2312 W. Chandler Blvd.
Burbank, CA 91506
We will synchronize Information by Friday, Aug 22nd before the Sunday, Aug 24th Planning Meeting.

We will meet again (Officers and Judy) at Borders in Sherman Oaks August 29th 6pm.

Meeting adjourned at 8:30 PM.

Respectfully submitted, and emendations welcomed, by Fran Zandonella, filling in for Charlie Tripp.

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