UCSC Alumni Association Ė LA Chapter

Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 2/9/03

February Planning Meeting

Meeting Location: Robinís house

Members in Attendance:

Roz Helfand, Rachel Barish, Fran Zandonella, Robin , Shimmering Eagle, Charlie Tripp

Meeting called to order at 6:41

Treasurerís Report by Fran:

Fran stated that we had $961.27 in our Washington Mutual Account with an outstanding check for $47.89. The UCSC Alumni Group owe us $1600. She stated that we should write an email to Allison regarding our future events. We need to cover expenses for the March Mixer and these may be covered by the UCSC Alumni. We need to meet at Washington Mutual to put names and signatures for our checking account.

We paid for the Dim Sum madness in January.

Fran and Roz discussed the previous LA Chapter events at MOCA where approximately 120 people attended and it cost about $17,000 and an event at the set of Buffy the Vampire Slayer which attracted 180 people and cost about $10,000.

Members of the Alumni Association get more benefits than the cost of their membership.

Alumni Web Page is up to date. She is consolidating the email list. Email is sent out at 2 PM the nest day.

Presidentís Report:

Roz asked what does the alumni association cover, and how can we keep our costs down. The alumni association provides us email. Our goal is to make ourselves available. Roz, Fran, and Rachel will have email accounts.

Vice Presidentís Report:

Rachel stated that she was working on the alumni database.

New People:

Shimmering Eagle said that she was starting a group in Ventura County that would possibly network with people in Santa Barbara and Los Angeles.

Old Business

Roz, Fran, and Rachel discussed previous events. We learned how they have been organized so that we can prepare for our upcoming events.

If we are going to have a Presides observing event, we need to contact Frank Drake to present a lecture to the alumni.

Some of our previous events have included visits to Santa Cruz Island, the Sea of Cortez, and Shakespeare Santa Cruz. We should think about what we want to do because we usually do something in July.

We should think about finding whom the new UCSC students would be from the Los Angeles area so we can plan a send off party at the end of August. We need to get in touch with Brian (?) of the Outreach Program.

Robin said that she would organize the Lake Arrowhead Trip for mid or late July.

UCSC will cover the costs for Frank Drake.

Roz stated that she would get in touch with Frank Drake to see if he was available.

Robin will set up the reservation and discover the costs for Lake Arrowhead. We are planning for 20 people to attend.

During the June 8 Business Meeting we should send out congratulation to the new students and tell them the date of the August send off which may occur on August 24.

It was suggested that at the send-off we have a scavenger hunt so the new students would have fun learning about the Santa Cruz campus, its organization, and members of our Alumni association.

Each alumni should make up a list of their favorite restaurant, hang out spot, surf spot, nature spot, caving spot, hot tub, sauna, massage spot and places for after hours party.

We need to have a location for the August send off by April. It will need to hold about 100 people.

April 27 Meeting and Picnic at Malibu Canyon

May 17 (Saturday) Wine Tasting and Star Trek which needs to be arranged.

June Meeting at Wendy and Davidís Send out letters to new UCSC students.

September 14 (Sunday) will be a Business Meeting

October will be a Mixer.

November will be a General Meeting

December will be a meeting to elect new officers.

We then discussed the May 17 Wine Tasting Star Trek event. We will ask Alison is she can get Brandon Braga to ask Paramount of permission to hold it at their studio. We thought the costs would be $35 per person, but we will use a sliding scale. We hope the Santa Cruz winery will provide a vintner to discuss wine making. We brainstormed about what the wine tasting event would need in terms of volunteers, and what Alison needs from us.

We need events to increase the visibility of the LA Chapter, not just the UCSC Alumni Association. We have a pool of about 1600 people from which to draw volunteers.

Officers need to circulate and mingle.

We then discussed the March Mixer at Barflyís on Sunset. The event will be held on the week of 13th or the 20th. We will have a targeted mailing. Rachel will do the post card production that will include a Banana Slug with a Martini. We will email first and then send a post card. Roz will handle the RSVP. We will shoot for the week of March 20th. The help we need for the March Mixer: Charlie checks people in. We need to introduce people. We need name badges and a door prize.

We need to meet at Rachelís house on March 2nd between 3 and 5 PM. We need to find the alumni zip code for the targeted mailing.

Fran will find the price.

April 26: Business Meeting First, then the Hike

We will meet in Malibu Canyon Park on Sunday April 26. We will have a Breakfast/Business Meeting. It will start at 10 oíclock. We need to make reservations. Robin will check out a Family Friendly Easy Hike. We are planning to have 20 to 30 people at this event.


Meeting Adjourned at 9:10

Upcoming Events