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Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 03/04/01
March Meeting

Check out a copy of these minutes at our web pages at: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz

Members in attendance:

Claude Zachary, Fran Zandonella, Jennifer Hernandez, Roz Helfand, Mark Ratner, and Michele Ploessel

Meeting called to order at 4:30 PM.

Minutes from the February Business Meeting (2/4/01) approved.

Finance Report

Jennifer reported that we currently have about $3700.00 in our account. She will send the $250 contribution to the Alumni Fund in honor of Jeremy Strick and David Graves on behalf of their involvement with the May 2000 Wine Tasting.

Upcoming Events

Faculty Visit

The talk Professor Craig Haney was going to give has been cancelled temporarily. We are looking to reschedule this event for Fall 2001. We are considering November 4, 2001, or December 2, 2001, as a possible dates. Claude will contact Professor Haney to check his schedule for the fall.

May Wine Tasting

May Wine Tasting is scheduled for May 5, 2001.

Allison has visited Bergamont Station and she believes it will work well for the location of the tasting. Allison has checked and they do have a liquor license, so this is not an issue. As of now we do not have a vinter, though Domain Chandon has expressed some interest in participating in our wine tasting again.

We are hoping to have tours of the Buffy the Vampire sets happening in conjunction with the wine tasting. More information soon on this possibility.

Catering for the wine tasting is being handled by Allison. Fran and Allison will be in contact to follow up on catering the event.

Summer Trips

Most people liked the idea of going to UCSC for the Alumni Wine Tasting & Shakespeare Santa Cruz. Fran will ask Allison about the possibility of staying on campus for the trip. If we can't stay there, we might stay at the Holiday Inn, which has been taken over by UCSC to use as dorm space. Dates for the event are July 27-29, 2001. The Alumni Wine Tasting is scheduled for 5 pm July 28, 2001, with Shakespeare Santa Cruz immediately following in the Glen or Theatre.

Making a Difference at UCSC Meeting

The UC Lobby Days are coming up on March 5 & 6th.

A couple of people have contacted Roz and expressed interest in helping with the various issues. Brendan Pyle wants to aid in strengthening the Los Angeles Chapter's role in fundraising. He would like to see a message board created on the web for alumni networking. Michael Ybarra would like to be more involved in general.

Roz would like to start out by developing a web message board and increase communication between alumni. How can we create a dialog on the web? Can we create a discussion board? Who can host one for us? We need to get people more involved to make this program more effective.

Roz will try to contact the Student Union Assembly so we have an avenue of communication between current students and Los Angeles alumni.

Web Update:

Web page http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz

No new updates.

New Business:

We want to organize trips to the Hollywood Bowl for August and a possible trip to the Opera in the fall.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for April 1, 2001, at 4 PM at Claude's house.

Meeting adjourned at 7:00 PM.

Respectfully submitted, and emendations welcomed, by Michele Ploessel, Secretary

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