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Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 12/3/00
December Business Meeting

Check out a copy of these minutes at our web pages at: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz

Members in attendance:

Claude Zachary, Fran Zandonella, Michele Ploessel, Roz Helfand, and Stephen Klein

Meeting called to order at 4:30 PM.

Minutes from the Annual Business Meeting (October 22, 2000) approved.

Finance Report

No treasurer report given; Jennifer not in attendance.

We still need to make the $250.00 contribution to the Alumni Fund in honor of Jeremy Strick and David Graves on behalf of their involvement with the May 2000 Wine Tasting.

Upcoming Meetings

Proposed Meeting Schedule

The proposed list of meeting dates for 2001 accepted and approved. The meetings of the Los Angeles Chapter will be held on the following dates:
   January 7, 2001
   February 4, 2001
   March 4, 2001
   April 1, 2001
   May 5, 2001 (Annual Wine Tasting)
   June 3, 2001
   July 1 or 8 or 15, 2001 (date to be selected around summer trip)
   August 5, 2001
   September 9, 2001
Locations for meetings will be posted and emailed out two weeks prior to the next meeting. Please mark your calendars now and plan to attend these meetings.

Making a Difference at UCSC Meeting, 12/10/00

Roz Helfand will be hosting a meeting on December 10, 2000, at 3819 Sawtelle Avenue, Apartment D, located between Sawtelle and Venice. The meeting will be to discuss which issues the focus group wants to focus on to promote the role of the Alumni in influencing change at UCSC. Also what types of action do we plan to attempt to institute the changes we want to see. Some possible issues are overcrowding; how alumni can make more of a difference and have a greater influence on the campus; how can alumni act as a resource for the campus. Please contact Roz at 310-313-6682 if you plan to attend. Issues discussed will be brought to the general January Business Meeting.

Upcoming Events

Whose Line Is It Anyway? Taping

Whose Line Is It Anyway? taping is scheduled for Saturday, December 16, 2000. Please email Michele at myshel@ix.netcom.com by Wednesday, December 13, 2000, if you plan to attend. Group size is limited to 15. We will be meeting at Raleigh Studios in Hollywood at 5 PM on the day of the event.

February Faculty Visit

We are looking to have a faculty member come and give a lecture in February. Our first choice is Eliot Aronson. If Eliot is unavailable, we are considering Craig Haney. Daniel Scheie and Ann Galoway have also been mentioned as professors people would be interesting in hearing speak. We are looking for a venue at which to host the lecture.

Possible venues are:

  1. Beverly Hills Public Library Meeting Room
    has good access to free public parking and good restaurants are located nearby.
  2. Santa Monica Public Library Auditorium
  3. A restaurant
We still need to organize for this event the professor, select the date, and locate a venue.

May Wine Tasting

The May Wine Tasting is scheduled for May 5, 2001. Alison is working on helping to locate a possible venue for this event. We had been trying to get access to the Paramount backlot but as of two weeks ago there had been no progress made on this location. We also need to find a alumni vintner who is willing to donate their wine to the event.

Summer Trips

Fran would like us to use the Cal Lodge at Tahoe.

Hollywood Bowl

We need to locate a schedule for the coming season and try to figure out a concert to try to attend.

Web Update:

Alison gave us approximately 500 email addresses and names. Fran has deleted the addresses which have bounced back. Fran has sent copies of the remaining email addresses to both Claude and Michele to keep for master lists.

The web page http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz has been updated. It now includes the meeting schedule for 2001 and the officer page has been updated.

New Business:

We need to focus on how to get people more involved and attending meetings. Also, we need to remind people that work will not be dumped upon you if you attend a meeting.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting is scheduled for January 7, 2001, at 4 PM at Fran Zandonella's house.

Meeting adjourned at 6 PM.

Respectfully submitted, and emendations welcomed, by Michele Ploessel, Secretary

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