UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter

Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 03/26/00

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Present:  Claude Zachary, Ken Feingold, Fran Zandonella, Jennifer Brow,
Michele Ploessel, Roberta Ferreira, Greg Silverman, Roz Helfand

Meeting called to order at 3:20 PM.

The minutes from the previous meeting 2/27/00 were approved.

Finance Report:

Treasurer Jennifer Brow reports that we have $4396.00 + (money from Broadway event - money paid for Broadway event) in our account and we are expecting a $500 refund from Sea of Cortez plane ticket deposit. All the participants in the Broadway event have paid.

Activities Report

Winetasting Event: Saturday, May 6th, 5 - 7pm.

We have our date and location set for this event. David Graves (Crown '74) of Saintsbury is our vintner. The food will be catered by Patina. The wine tasting will take place at MOCA. Jeremy Strick, Museum Director, is an Alum (Cowell '77). We will have free admission to the museum, starting at about 4pm. Parking is extra. UCSC will send out invitations soon. They will pay for the mailing, wine, and food. We will pay for the venue. ($1700.00) Chancellor Greenwood will be attending. When: 5 - 7pm Where: MOCA (Musuem of Contemporary Art) Cost: $25 $ x for Parking at MOCA Write a check for $25 payable to UCSC Alumni Association - LA Chapter and mail it to: UCSC Alumni Association - LA Chapter 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064 or call 1-800-933-SLUG (weekdays) and pay by credit card. For more information, contact Claude Zachary at 310-659-7902 evenings.

Trip Report: Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

We have 9 people signed up so far. The trip is about half full. If you are interested, contact Ken Feingold at kaf@fandslaw.com. A note about this event will go out with the winetasting invitation. Write your checks for $75 to UCSC Alumni Association - LA Chapter and mail it to: UCSC Alumni Association - LA Chapter 1156 High Street Santa Cruz, CA 95064 or call 1-800-933-SLUG (weekdays) and pay by credit card. The fee for the trip will pay for 3 meals on Saturday and brunch (or breakfast and lunch) on Sunday, plus about a $50 donation to the Reserve. We need people who can transport the food. (Lisa B. was volunteered.) If we want to go to Esalen, someone needs to contact them. What: Big Sur Camp Out at Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve When: July 14th @ 7pm until July 16th @ 2pm Where to Meet: At the Preserve Cost: $75 for the weekend (~25 for food, $50 donation to UCSC Reserve)

Regional Leaders Workshop: April 15 in Santa Cruz

We need someone to go to this.

Hollywood Bowl:

Claude had the schedule for the Hollywood Bowl. We all took a look at it and it seems pretty cool. The Hollywood Bowl will give us a 20% discount. We discussed several events and dates. We need to select a concert date (by email seems best) and then put down a 20% deposit. The full amount is due 4 weeks before the concert. We would like to do a Fri or Sat night (and it is noted that they have Jazz on Wed nights). We also want to do a picnic before-hand. Ken proposed seeing Tony Bennet & Diana Crawl on Sat August 5 and getting 30 tickets (cost $13.50, bring your own picnic stuff). Roz proposed seeing Flamenco dancing on Sat June 25. We will have flyers at the Wine Tasting.

Rennaisance Faire: May 20

We will have a trip to the Rennaisance Faire on Saturday, May 20th. Fran will look into getting discount tickets and coordinating carpooling. If you are interested in going, please email Fran at franz@acm.org.

Potluck: June 25

OK, April is definitely out. The Potluck is now set for June 25 at 3pm at Fran's house in Burbank. This will be convenient if anyone want to see Flamenco at the Hollywood Bowl.

Proposed Events:

Karamazov Bros.: The Karamazov Bros. are playing in Escondido and Arcata in April. (See their schedule on-line.) We decided that was too far for us to see them, but maybe we can see them next year. Next Business Mtg: October Ken proposed that our October Business meeting (the one with elections) be held at the Norton Simon Museum. Meetings on "Hot Topics": Roz would like to have some Alumni meetings themed around the issues that the campus faces: Narrative Evaluations, Student Population Growth/Overcrowding, Preserving Campus Uniqueness, and Maintaining the Natural Beauty of the Campus. Roz will draw up an agenda and choose some dates for these meetings. If you have suggestions for meetings on these topics, please email Roz Helfand at flummywister@hotmail.com.


Fran (webmaster) gave her report on our website situation: The links are now in place from the UCSC Alumni Association's web pages. Things are going fine with the web pages. She will put the winetasting info up on the web pages ASAP. The UCSC Alumni - LA Chapter website is at: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Saturday May 6th at MOCA a half hour before the winetasting. Meeting adjourned at 5:15 PM. Respectfully submitted, and emendations welcomed, by Fran Zandonella, Secretary & Webmaster

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