UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter

Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 01/23/00

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Present:  Claude Zachary, Ken Feingold, Fran Zandonella, Ann Reinhart,
Jennifer Brow, Lisa Buschmann, Michele Ploessel

Meeting called to order at 4:15 PM.

The minutes from the previous meeting 12/18/99 were approved.
  Claude's phone number is in the 310 area code (not 213 - oops!)
  Lindsay Doran is not leading the Broadway Tour; the LA Conservancy Docents are
  Please add the web page to the top of the minutes

Finance Report:

Treasurer Jennifer Brow reports that we have $4491.00 in our account and we are expecting a $500 refund from Sea of Cortez plane ticket deposit.

Activities Report

Fantasia Event: January Fran proposed that the group event to see Fantasia in IMAX should take place on Saturday, Feb 5th, in the early evening (~5:45pm). - Fran will send out and inquiry for the date and see about getting tickets - She will send email publicizing the event. Broadway Tour & High Tea with the Chancellor: Mar 4, 2000 by Ann Reinhart There are a total of 32 spots for this event. We decided to charge: $25 for Broadway Tour and High Tea, parking is extra Email Jennifer Brow jbrow@earthlink.net to reserve a place on the tour and/or tea. Mail $25 for both events to c/o Jennifer Brow 8423 Tuscany Ave #3 Playa Del Rey, CA 90293 RAIN or SHINE When: Meet at 9:30am; Tour starts at 10am and is 2 hours long What to Wear: Wear comfortable walking shoes Where to Meet: In the Lobby of the Biltmore on Olive Street side Cost: $8 + $3.50 for Parking at Pershing Square, Please bring parking ticket for validation Tour is free for LA Conservancy members Broadway Tour Docents from L.A. Conservancy will be guiding UCSC Alums on a Tour through LA's downtown historical movie houses. We will be viewing the inside of 3 historic movie theatres and ending our tour with a Question and Answer session by Special Guest Lindsay Doran, UCSC Alum and President of Three Strange Angels (production company). After our tour, we will have High Tea at the Biltmore with the Chancellor. Please note: this is not the time to sell your screenplay. :-) High Tea at the Biltmore with Chancellor Greenwood Enjoy High Tea the classy Regal Biltmore Hotel with Chancellor M.R.C. Greenwood. When: High Tea starts around 12:30pm (after Broadway Tour) What to Wear: Appropriate attire for High Tea (dress nicely) Where to Meet: Lobby of the Biltmore Cost: $15.50 + $3.50 for Parking at Pershing Square Winetasting Event: Saturday, May 6th. Claude needs help. Ken said that he would contact Jeremy Strick at MOCA to see if we can host the winetasting there. Claude will follow up on this. If MOCA is unavailable, we may have it at Bruno's or Buona Vita Ristorante. Union Station was also suggested. Claude will contact Susan Bok to see if she can help out. (She did a fantastic job organizing the wine tasting 2 years ago.) UCSC will send out invitations in mid-March. The Chancellor will be attending. We plan to start the event at 2pm. (Last year was too early.) - Ken will contact Jeremy Strick - Claude will call Susan to see if she can help out with organizing this event

Trip Report: Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

Ken Feingold, our TripMaster, will be getting us more information on this trip. The fee for the trip will pay for 3 meals on Saturday and brunch (or breakfast and lunch) on Sunday. A note about this event will go out with the winetasting invitation. We need people who can transport the food. (Lisa B. was volunteered.) If we want to go to Esalen, someone needs to contact them. What: Big Sur Camp Out at Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve When: July 14th @ 7pm until July 16th @ 4pm Where to Meet: At the Preserve Cost: $75 for the weekend (~25 for food, $50 donation to UCSC Reserve) - Ken will get more trip details - Lisa B. will bring up the food and some supplies - We need a person to find out if we can go hottubbing at Esalen

Proposed Events:

Hollywood Bowl: The Hollywood Bowl will give us a 20% discount. - We need someone to help organize this event. Any symphony lovers out there? Karamosov Bros.: Someone said it would be fun to see them when they are in town. - Fran said she would try to find their schedule on-line. Family & Small Child-Friendly Events: Jeanne Leone-Sterwerf sent in email asking if we were planning any family events that could include small children. Families with small children need places where parents could take strollers, nursing moms could sit down to nurse, and parents could change diapers. Her suggestions included the Zoo, Disneyland, a Potluck, a Picnic, and Long Beach Aquarium. - If anyone has any more suggestions, or wants to plan an event, please let Claude or Fran know. April Potluck: Maybe the weekend of the 29th or 30th?


The new UCSC Alumni - LA Chapter website will be at: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz People at the meeting had 2 requests:
  1. On the emailings of the minutes, etc, please put the addresses on BCC: to protect the privacy of our members
  2. Put the website at the top of the emails and at the top of our minutes.
We decided that we would email out all of our events before sending "slug" (not "snail") mail (aka US Mail) in order to save us money Claude will email a "Welcome" message to Slugs who become part of our mailing list and on-line community here in LA. Fran (webmaster) gave her report on our website situation: Fran reports that UCSC still doesn't have a way for her to update our web pages on-line. She can email Rob Barandas at the UCSC Alumni office to make small changes. In the meantime, she is moving all of the web pages to a new location: http://alumni.cse.ucsc.edu/~franz This is a temporary location until UCSC has a way for her to update the web pages at the new alumni site. She will contact Rick Nagle of CATS to see about transferring the data from the old web page location. There is a new website for the UCSC Alumni Association: http://www.alumni.ucsc.edu/ Eventually our chapter website will be at this location. Fran will - mail a notice about our upcoming events to our current local Alumni members. - contact Rick Nagle about moving the old web pages to a new location - contact Rob Barandas to see about the schedule for us to move to our new website location - contact Carolyn if she can't get an adequate response on this issue. Our web pages are an important way that we stay in touch with our community.

Next Meeting:

The next meeting will be held on Sunday February 27th, 5 PM, at Berri's Pizza Cafe. Please RSVP to Lisa Buschmann at emmaboo@mediaone.net or call 310-313-1163 by February 24th for free pizza at the meeting. Berri's Pizza Cafe 8412 W. Third Street LA, CA 90048 323-852-0642 East of La Cienaga, South of Beverly Blvd. Meeting adjourned at 5:30 PM. Respectfully submitted, and emendations welcomed, by Fran Zandonella, Secretary & Webmaster

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