UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter

Minutes of UCSC Alumni Association, LA Chapter, 1/16/99

Present:  Lisa Buschmann, Ken & Moira Feingold, Fran Zandonella, Jennifer
Brow, Jean Paul Cane, Lisa Medwid, Claude Zachary

Meeting called to order at 3:30 PM.

A reminder that Slug Day at the UCSC Campus is April 17th.

Finance Report:  The Alumni Association will provide us with $1000 to
support our Baja trip this July.  The Trip will cost individuals $750,
with a $350 deposit due.

Trip Report:  Ken Feingold, our TripMaster, reported that we have 14
commited to the trip, 5 almost sure, leaving only one space open.  There
is a description of the the trip up on our website.  Jean-Paul has
submitted a design for a Tee shirt for the triptakers, but was researching
how to do the artwork.  Will the AA donate Tee shirts to us for the trip?

Winetasting program:  is set for May 1 from 1-4 PM.  The Chancellor has
this event on her schedule; she will be in attendance from 1 until 3 PM,
then needs to catch a flight at LAX at 4 PM.  Jean-Paul suggested using
the Buona Vita restaurant in  Hermosa Beach.  It's centrally located
and close to the LAX as well.  He will communicate with the restaurant
for more information.  The AA will do a mailing for us to the whole list.
We still need to confirm a vintner; Ken will call
Ann Randall (?).  We will try to keep the price down; the $35 charge last
year kept people away,  so we should keep the price to $25.  We need to
get the mailing out by mid-March, and have the copy ready by March 1;
we'll also post the info to the website.  Various figures were floated for
expenses, and again we wondered how much our parent AA will underwrite;
perhaps the airfare for our guests and vintner?

Website:  Fran is our webmaster, and is currently hosting the site on her
server space at UCSC; she's looking to find a permanent residence for the
site.  She'll be putting up a form for alums interested in getting more
involved or added to the email list to fill out and send to Claude, and
also will post volunteer opportunities.

Next Meeting:
The next meeting will be held on Saturday February 20th, 3 PM, again at
the Feingolds.  We also agreed to arrange a purely social event - a
potluck - with a screening of a video to be chosen, at Claude's home on
March 20th at 5 PM, with coordination of dishes to be done by email to

Meeting adjourned at 5 PM.

Respectfully submitted, and emendations welcomed, by
Claude Zachary, Secretary

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Subject: Minutes of UCSCAA LA Chapter, 1/16/99

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