UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter
November 2, 1997 Minutes

Present:  Claude Zachary, Stephanie Dark, Susan Bok, Shelly Stoll, Justin
Berenbaum, Rachel Barish, Michele Ploessel, Hamid Hakkakzadeh, Julie Cook,
Steve Jung, Moira Feingold, Ken Feingold, Chris Ridder, Ann Wolfsen, Stephen
Klein, Lisa Buschmann, Tara Speiser, Fran Zandonella, Rik Converse.

Agendas were passed out and attendees introduced themselves.

Meeting was called to order by Chris at 10:43 AM.

Election for chapter officers was held.  The slate of proposed nominees met
with no additions or objections.  Ann called for a vote and the nominees
were elected.  Chris Ridder -- President, Lisa Buschmann --- Treasurer,
Claude Zachary --- Secretary.  (Who have I left out??)

Lisa gave a brief overview of the status of the chapter's treasury and an
overview of the past year's events.  We spent $5,400 on our programs against
income of $3,200.  As of Sunday morning, Nov. 2, 1997, there was $2,400.91
current in our bank account that now resides at Union Bank.

Ann, as the representative from the UCSC Alumni Association, spoke about the
Association and its mission.  The main topic raised by attendees was the
affinity credit card and its unfavorably changing terms.  Ann said she would
check into the situation.

Ken asked if folks were more favorably disposed to weeknight meeting times
with dinner at a pizza parlour or other informal restaurant, as opposed to a
weekend afternoon meeting.  No particular response yea or nay was
forthcoming.  E-mail announcements re: upcoming meetings will be made.

Suggestions regarding the events for this upcoming year were solicited.
        (a) Since we lost a bunch of money on the wine-tasting event last
April, would it be OK to charge $35 for a meal at a good restaurant along
with a wine tasting sponsored by a Santa Cruz alum's winery??  Charging a
sliding scale for new graduates was suggested.  Restaurant ideas were
solicited; it would need to be closed on Saturday afternoon for our event.
Holding the tasting during late April, after taxes, seemed like a popular idea.
        (b) A late spring, early summer boat trip out to Santa Cruz Island
was supported; Justin offered to organize this event, with a possible option
to extend the trip to camp out overnight on the Island for those who were
        (c) Inviting a popular SC professor to come down to make a
presentation  was also suggested, as well as the notion of making this a
lower cost event by having a potluck or other group effort.
        (d) A meeting with senior admissions counsellor Dave Fajnor to help
with the recruiting of promising high school seniore.

The raffle was held.  Everyone was a winner!!

Rik spoke about the Media Slugs interest group and covered the Politically
Incorrect non-event of last May.

Steve Klein talked about the Alumni Council and the Alumni Scholarship Fund,
as well as the establishment of more affinity groups - folks with common
interests getting together - within the alumni association chapters.

Steve Jung floated the possibility of getting involved as a volunteer to
help with Alumni Council work -- if interested, contact one of the two Steves!

The meeting adjorned at 11:45 AM.

Next meeting will be held on December 6th, 1:30 PM, at Lisa's house, 4325
Chase Ave. in West LA, just east of Marina Del Rey.  Come with some ideas
for restaurants for the wine tasting!

Any corrections or additions gratefully requested!

Respectfully submitted,
Claude Zachary, Secretary

Claude B. Zachary
UCLA Dept. of Library & Information Science

From: "Claude B. Zachary" 
Date: Tue, 11 Nov 1997 18:15:14 -0800
Subject: Minutes, UCSC LA Alum Meeting, 11/2/97

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