UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter
March 8, 1997 Minutes

Compiled by Ken Feingold
Present: Steve Klein, Chris Ridder, Ken Feingold, Greg Martin, Lisa Bushman,
Ken Rivin, Julie Rivin, Moira Feingold

Minutes: The minutes of the February 8 meeting were approved as e- mailed.

 Glory Daze Screening: All agreed the event was successful, with a good
turnout, especially for the relatively small mailing. The social hour after the
film was fun, and people seemed to have a good time. A lot of the Media Slugs
people did not appear to attend. Those present agreed that we should ask the
Media Slugs to set up an attractive event for the Alumni Association and for
their group--perhaps a play, screening, or a trip to the Magic Castle.

Upcoming Events:

Wine Tasting with the Chancellor: Saturday, April 12, 2:00 p.m. The draft
invitation was reviewed and approved with the change that Steve Klein will be
the phone contact as the Feingolds will be out of town for several days. The
reception will be held at 72 Market Street if there are more than 100 people;
if fewer, it will be held across the street in the art gallery. Chapter members
will meet at 1:00 in lieu of an April meeting, and will also set up for the
event. Chris Ridder will introduce the Chancellor and thank Dori for all her
tremendous support. He also volunteered to e- mail those whose e-mail addresses
we have to remind them to sign up early due to limited space.

Reception for Newly-Accepted Students: Sunday, March 16. Several UCSC staff
members will be there, perhaps some faculty as well. Leticia Quezada will speak
on behalf of the alumni. There may also be a Fall, 1997 send-off event, to
which some alumni and current students may be invited. Chapter members are
asked to arrive early at this event also, to help Jaime Velasco set up.

 Politically Incorrect taping: Friday, May 9th. Chris is planning to attend.

Other Events: Discussion ensued about what kind of events might be attractive
and appropriate for the Chapter to sponsor in the future. It was agreed that
purely social events prbably have less draw than events which combine academic
speakers, political speakers, or some aspect of the Santa Cruz experience with
a social hour. Potential speakers include the President of the University,
Councilwoman Jackie Goldberg; potential formats include an extension course of
some kind. Chris Ridder will follow up on the President visit with Dan Aldrich.

The Website: there are difficulties in linking our website to the UCSC site,
although it is unclear how much the difficulties are technical, bureaucratic,
or political. Steve Klein will look into what the barriers actually are.

Regional Leaders Conference at UCSC: Saturday, April 19. This day-long workshop
is being held in conjunction with the Alumni Weekend/Reunion. (Schedulke
attached to minutes.) Dori Schack will present at 3 p.m. on the topic How to
Exploit the Alumni Office. Several plan to attend as part of the weekend.

New Business:

Election of Chapter Officers: The following Chapter officers were unanimously
elected: President: Chris Ridder. Treasurer: Lisa Bushman. Secretary: Claude
Zachary (in absentia).

Bylaws: After discussion, it was agreed the keep the fairly simple and
straightforward bylaws already in effect for the Chapter. They can be amended
in the future if necessary.

Alumni Council Report: Steve Klein distributed copies of Dori Schack s report
at the last Council meeting. The report included a narrative on regional
programs and progress in planning events, and a membership status report. The
membership status report detailed membership by college, year of graduation,
division, and region, as well as peptration rate for each segment. (Attached to

Next Meeting: The Chapter will meet at 1:00 on April 12, just before the
Chancellor reception. The next meeting after that will be Saturday, May 10 at
4:00 p.m. (note that time is one hour later than usual) at the Feingolds house,
followed by a potluck barbecue.

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