UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter
February 8, 1997 Minutes

Compiled by Claude Zachary
The meeting was called to order at approx.  3 PM, Saturday February 8th,
1997 at the Feigold residence.  In attendance was Jaime Velasco of UCSC
Admissions office, Tessa Charnofsky, Ken Feingold, Greg Canillas, Chris
Ridder, Steve Klein, Rik Converse, Patricia Pethertsridge, Amy Goldman, and
yours truly.

The meeting began with introductions and greetings, approval of the minutes
of the last meeting, and a short recent history of the LA Chapter
renaissance.  The first order of business was the upcoming "Glory Daze"
screening.  Rik and Ken will arrive at Raleigh at 1 PM on Saturday the 15th
to set up equipment, signs, and greeting table.  They will also be making
invitational phone calling this week to alums to encourage a capacity
attendance at the screening.  We were encouraged to invite friends to the
show, but Steve reminded us of the need to have enough food on hand, so the
deadline of Tuesday was reinforced so the restaurant will be advised of how
many people to expect.  Unfortunately Dori will not be able to attend, and
Steve will be in Washington DC.

The April Wine Tasting event was next on the agenda.  The Dyers will be
pouring Domaine Chandon!   The Chancellor has committed to attend the event
and is enthusiastic about the opportunity to meet Southern California alums.
She views us as 1) stakeholders in UCSC as an institution, 2) living
examples as UCSC graduates as success stories (!), and 3) a source of money
and influence, especially as a lobby to keep UCSC fresh in the minds of
state legislators working on the vision of a new, Merced-area 10th campus in
the UC system.  Unfortunately the Skirball Center site is unavailable, so
the Feingolds are still scouting for locations -- Getty Center, Hammer
Museum, and the LA Mexican Cultural Institute were all mentioned as
possibilities.  As for publicity, nice elegant invitations were deemed
necessary, as well as a saturation e-mail campaign, and a large sign
announcing the event at the "Glory Daze" screening.  Jaime indicated he
might invite a few select students that he has a good chance of recruiting
from the March event to meet the Chancellor.

The March student recruiting event is on track, all arrangements have been
made, and will be held at the LA Mexican Cultural Institute on the second
floor in the lovely Institute Gallery.  Capacity is 120 people, and Jaime is
expecting a capacity crowd of high achieving high schoolers with their
supportive and critical parents.  The event will be funded by the Admissions
Office and the Alumni Council with a $1500 budget.  The students will also
be invited to Scholars Day on campus at UCSC.  45 Southern California alums
have been active in recruiting activities over the last year and will be
invited to attend the March function, and 3 people -- an administrator, a
dean or provost, and a professor --  will be flown down from UCSC.
Prospective students seem most interested in research opportunities and
admittance to graduate school, so alumni will be encouraged to talk about
their personal experiences.  Jaime will inform us if we can be of any
further assistance.  Several of our chapter members will be attending,
including Ken and Chris and Greg.

The Politically Correct event is still in planning stages with Rik to make
contact with the show.  The date is still tentatively set for May 9th, a
Friday evening.

Our prospective Chapter WWWebsite was discussed and was enthusiastically
received.  Chris volunteered that a fine tuning was needed, as well as an
official server upon which to live, and a hookup with the UCSC Website.
Marina at the Alum Office at UCSC was named as the contact person.  The site
currently resides at Chris's home at 
http://www.concentric.net/~cridder/alum.  Comments are gladly received.

Further ideas for upcoming events were tossed around -- a trip to Santa Cruz
Island, a rafting trip down the Kern River.  Dori's Regional Leadership
Conference and general brainstorming session being held at UCSC in April was
recommended to aid us in running the Chapter.  The need for Chapter Bylaws
and Elections was brought up but not particularly engaged.  Alumni database
organization was also mentioned re: further outreach.

Our next Chapter meeting will be held on March 8th at 3 PM at the Feingold's
little Hawaiian hideaway on the far side of Brentwood.  Agenda will include
updates on bylaws, officers, Politically Incorrect, site for wine tasting,
and future events.

Respectfully submitted by:

Claude B. Zachary
UCLA Dept. of Library & Information Science


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