UCSC Alumni Assoc. - LA Chapter

UCSC Alumni Assoc - LA Chapter
January Minutes

Compiled by Claude Zachary

LA Chapter UCSC Alumni Association Meeting held at Ken and Moira Feingold's
home on 1/11/97. Present were the Feingolds, Stephen Klein, Claude Zachary, and
special guest Dori Schack of the UCSC Alumni Office.

The meeting was called to order at 4:24 PM. The minutes of the last meeting
were reviewed and approved. The first order of business was the upcoming film
screening of "Glory Daze". Rik Converse has found a suitable location for the
screening at the Raleigh Studios in Hollywood. There is a 150 person seating
capacity with the rental fee being $550 for a 2 hour screening, with the
proviso that we book the adjoining cafe for the reception after the film. There
will be a food spread consisting of chips, salsa, vegies, and chicken wings and
a no-host bar, for which we will be charged $4 per head for 100 people. The
screening was set for Saturday, February 15th, from 2-4 PM with the reception
following. Consensus was we could safely charge folks up to $10 for the
screening and the food without encountering resistance. The invitations will
run about $0.50 each -- the 750 members of the Association and an additional
250 actives will receive invites. Dori and Rik will work on the invitations and
they will be design, printed, and mailed from UCSC. They will also list the
upcoming wine tasting and "Politically Incorrect" event dates and the Feingolds
phone number. Checks will be collected here and given to Treasurer Steve Jung
for deposit -- credit card payments can be called into UCSC. If both methods of
payment will be used, coordination between LA and SC is imperative to have a
complete list of payments. Ken F. will be contact person for questions about
the event. Invitations should be mailed out within 10 days.

The Wine Tasting scheduled for April 12th is still without a location. Moira
has pinpointed two likely sites: the Skirball Cultural Center in Sepulveda
Pass, and the Queen Mary in Long Beach. Steve pointed out that the Long Beach
Grand Prix was scheduled for the same day and might inhibit some people from
making the trip down there. The Norton Simon House and the Armand Hammer Museum
in Westwood were suggested as well, but enthusiasm for the Skirball Center grew
and became our venue of choice. Moira will follow through on attempting to book
it. Dave Graves is still not available to present his wines, but Dori has been
talking with alum Jason Brent Lewis who is in the wine business and works with
Ventures in Wine. He suggested the Dyers, a couple connected with Domaine
Chandon and their private winery; Ann Moses and husband, connected with Patz
and Hall and Cain Wineries, and Michael Dash with Ridge. A joint presentation
of Storrs and Ridge, or alternately Domaine Chandon and the Dyer winery, was
favored. Futher discussions with Jason will be held. As to the program, the
Chancellor is confirmed from 4 - 6 PM; she will speak first -- shall the
vintner give a presentation afterwards?

Regarding the Reception for newly admitted students to UCSC, Gail will not be
able to coordinate as planned; Steve has been working with Jaime Velasco of the
UCSC Admissions Staff. Invitations to the event will be sent jointly by the
Admissions Office and the LA chapter; alums who assisted in outreach efforts at
local high schools and community colleges will also be invited; some additional
folks from campus such as Martin Chemers might also come along. The chapter
will also contribute $500 towards the event; Ken will try to contact Letitia
Quezada for use of her space for the event. Jaime will be invited to come to
our next meeting.

The "Politically Incorrect" taping we're looking to attend is May 9th; we will
check with Rik to see if he is willing to organize the tickets and the informal
gathering at Canter's deli after the show.

Dori mentioned the impending necessity of electing officers that are active in
the Los Angeles area and cultivating new interested alums to come and get more
involved. She also mentioned the Regional Leaders Workshop she'll be doing
during Banana Slug Spring Fair in April on campus and encouraged us to consider

The World Wide Web made its inevitable appearance with the mentioning of the
Seattle chapter's homepage and the interest of our chapter to find someone to
make one up for us. This is still pending. 

Some further discussion of Alumni Association matters and the press release
announcing the vote by the Academic Senate in favor of letter grades with
reflections on the changing of institutional culture brought the meeting to an

The next meeting will be held on February 8th from 3 - 5 PM at the Feingold's
home. Ken will be responsible for the hors d'oevres in Moira's absence.

Respectfully submitted by Claude Zachary.

Claude B. Zachary
UCLA Dept. of Library & Information Science (310)659-7902

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