UCSC Alumni LA Chapter 2000 Camping at Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

UCSC Alumni LA Chapter
2000 Camping at
Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve

Ken Feingold, our TripMaster, has put together this summer's trip.  The
destination is the pristine beauty of one of UCSC's Natural Reserves in Big
Sur.  This trip can take 26 people.  The dates are July 14th - 16th
(Fri - Sun).  People can carpool up or fly, but we will need to be there 
by 7pm.  No kids under 12, please (because it is a reserve).  Priority space 
goes to Alums, so please bring your family or 1 friend only.

We will be camping out in tents.  There will be picnic tables, and outdoor
toilets, but no showers.  Food will be provided for 3 meals on Saturday and
2 meals on Sun.  We will have a BBQ.

Figure on $25 for food (non-alcholic drinks included).  The total cost 
will be $75.  Food is included and the remainder $50 is the suggested 
contribution to the UC Santa Cruz Foundation for the 
Big Creek Natural Reserve.

We will be able to assist in research in species population census
(counting butterflies?) and take guided Nature Hikes.  We will need to 
leave by 2pm on Sunday.

What:  Big Sur Camp Out at Landels-Hill Big Creek Reserve
When:  July 14th @ 7pm until July 16th @ 4pm
Where to Meet:  At the Reserve
Cost:  $75 for the weekend

Itinerary: 3 days, 2 nights

July 14, 2000 (Friday):

Arrive by 7pm.

Trip Fee: $75.00

The Trip Fee of $75.00 includes: The trip fee does not include:

Payment Policy:

Reservation Policy:

Space is limited. This event is only open to UCSC Alums, their families or 1 friend. Fill in the accompanying form and return to: Ken Feingold Feingold & Spiegel 11340 W. Olympic Blvd., Ste. 175 Los Angeles, CA 90064-1662 together with your check in the amount of $75.00. If you pay by phone, you may fax your reservation form to 310-477-7248. We need: so we can send additional information. Upon receipt of your deposit, we will send additional information including a clothing and gear list, and other useful information.

Additional Information:

For additional information, contact: Ken Feingold kaf@fandslaw.com or 310-477-7007

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