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Download class files and documentation: 'lifeslide.zip'
Download source code: 'lifeslidesrc.zip'

LifeSlide is a slide show applet based on The Game of Life: a cellular automaton invented around 1970 by mathematician John Conway. The applet loads its images asynchronously in a dedicated thread. Because the source images are small and monochromatic, they load very quickly; there should be no perceptible delay aside from the time allotted to display the image, and to run the Life algorithm.

The applet accepts foreground color, background color, and number of images as applet parameters. The images are loaded in the sequence {1.gif, 2.gif, 3.gif... numImages.gif} from the host document directory. For this example, I converted most of the photographs from my old home page for use as source images; however, I also threw in a classic Life pattern: the original Glider Gun.
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