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(from windows version of player)
Download player only for Windows: 'bbots.zip' (620kb)
Download editor and player for Solaris/Linux: 'bbots.tar.gz'

B-Bots was my final project for CMPS-160: Intro to Computer Graphics. I wrote a keyframe-based animation editor in C++ using OpenGL, GLX, and XForms, and a scripted animation player using OpenGL and GLUT. The hierarchical character animation routines use quaternion arithmetic to achieve smooth interpolation of the robots' 14 sets of joint orientations. In the final animation, a music video set to the Fatboy Slim remix of the Beastie Boys' song Body Movin', the three robot characters perform an intricate breakdancing routine while the camera cuts to different view angles and pans smoothly around the scene according to instructions in the animation script.

Also activated by script commands are several special effects: a water effect, a strobe effect, a feedback effect, a particle system effect, and a blobby object effect created using a wireframe implementation of the Marching Cubes isosurface rendering algorithm. The screen images above and below depict the animation editor and several scenes from the music video; to see the full animation, click one of the links above to download the version of the player appropriate for your platform.

Special thanks to Nick Warren for the Linux port.


(from solaris version of player)

(from windows version of player)

(from solaris version of editor)
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