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The review works of

As part of my efforts to place this archive on the World-Wide-Web, I have implemented a formatting style that tries to include all the sections from past review formats. This facilitates easy editing of text reviews into the easy-to-read hypertext and graphics presentation you will see here.

I have edited the reviews presented here for typographical errors, to correct factual statements, and to replace any usage of “Lego” with “LEGO”, and any usage of the term LEGO to refer to the company itself with “The LEGO Group”. I have tried to maintain the integrity of each review as it has been edited. Note that while I have not edited each use of the term LEGO to include the registered trademark symbol (®), a notice does appear at the bottom of each review page stating that LEGO® is, indeed, a registered trademark of The LEGO Group.

Early on in the formatting process, I included a COPYRIGHT section to the format. This was done both to get authors thinking about the ramifications of posting written works to Usenet, but also to make it clearly stated on each post precisely the conditions under which the works could be reproduced. [I have still solicited permission from the more prolific review writers, just to be sure]

If you are an author of a set review presented on this site, and you do not agree with my editing of your review, or if I have mistaken your distribution intent, please email me at

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