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[8440 Set Photo] Formula Flash (us)
Bolide de Formule Indy (fr)
Auto de Carreras Rojo (es)
Stor LEGO TECHNIC Formel 1 racer (da)
Formula Indy Racer (uk)
Octan Indy Racer (sh)
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Technic / Tech Build

Ages 10-16 / 413 Pcs
44 page manual: 2 models, 21/17 steps. ©1995, 1996
Price Range: $40 - $50 (US)

Review Written: 19 August 1995 by Patrick Yagle
Special Features / Compatibility
Extra Elements Decals: Yes:Many/Cover-Multiple-Bricks
Scale: Although I haven't tried it yet, it looks as though a Technic figure will be a perfect fit.
Errors: This is a first for me ... a melted element. There was a black toggle joint whose center was melted half away. Not a big deal since it was left over from the construction of the primary model.

Ratings: Set: Must-Have Models: Must-Have Playability: Excellent

An excellent set. I recommend it whole-heartedly.


The set is a good sized open-wheeled race car in red and black. The primary model is very realistic, with 6-cylinder engine (with hoses), realistic steering, wings, etc. As with most open-wheeled race cars, the engine is mounted amidships, behind the driver. The secondary model is a '50's style American hot-rod with an exposed V-6 engine up front.


I'm sure the first thing everyone is wondering is how I managed to get my hands on this set, since it only recently became available in Europe. Well, my Dad is in the US Air Force and is stationed in southern Germany. A few months ago, I told my Mom to keep an eye our for this set and get it for me when she sees it. Well, she called last weekend and had just purchased it for me. I received it in the mail today.

The next question you probably have is why I haven't I mentioned the suspension. Well, contrary to what we all thought, there isn't one. There are, indeed, many suspension elements, but they are locked stationary in this set. I was a little disappointed, but the set is still great.

I've been impressed with the realism of the more recent Technic sets, most notably the 8880 Super Car. This set keeps that realism alive, just in a smaller scale.


Set Rating:Must-Have

This set is a must for anyone who collects Technic LEGO. The new large assortment of suspension elements and the new flex system elements are a must for designing a Technic vehicle.

Model Rating:Must-Have

The construction of this model is very well executed. Particularly clever is the manner by which the rear wing is attached to the model.

Playability Rating:Excellent

Every kid could become Andretti or Fittipaldi in his (or her) mind with this set.


I've said it before, and I'll say it again: I HATE DECALS!! There are 27 (!) decals in this set. Only 9 of them do NOT span multiple elements. I am probably going to follow recent suggestions on and have them color photocopied onto Post-It (TM) paper.


Where should I begin? There are so many new/special elements ...
cross-axle -
grey, approximately 3 studs in length, with a stud on one end
tires/wheels -
approx. 2" in diameter, tread similar to those on the 8880 Super Car
flex-system -
in addition to the two flex system rods, there are two new types of ends for the rods. The first has a hole in the center to accept a cross-axle, and fittings on both ends to accept the flex system rods. The flex system rods insert into the ends of this element, after which the connector hinges shut to lock the rod in place (it's very hard to describe). The other type of end is a new type which accepts ball joints.
suspension -
Includes the same style suspension pieces as used on the front end of the 8858 Big Foot truck. Also included are new style A-arms which accept the steering elements used in the 8858.
steering -
same steering elements as in the 8858.
rubber hose

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Patrick Yagle 23 --- Technic

Please ask any questions you have via email, as I do not have reliable access to USENET.


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