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[6985 Set Photo] Cosmic Fleet Voyager
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Ages 9-Up / 400 Pcs
6 page manual: 3 models, 5,23,20 steps. ©1986
Price Range: Discontinued, but probably between $60-$70 in its day

Review Written: 12 August 1997 by Joseph Gonzalez
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    Scale: Minifigure Scale.
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    Ratings: Set: Excellent Models: Excellent Playability: Must-Have

    If I could buy another of these sets I would in a minute. For the principal model and large number of pieces it is an incredible production!


    This is a very large exploration ship. With more interior space than perhaps any other craft before or since, the Voyager features an average-sized double-canopy cockpit which is open to an observation/living area, finally emptying into a wide and roomy laboratory section. A horizontally-hinged door separates the primary ship from the spacious rear section. This aft “laboratory” piece can detach from the ship and the mentioned hinged door allows the remaining ship to stay enclosed without that section. Another hinged door at the rear of the detachable lab also folds up or down to serve as a ramp for a small surface vehicle which can be secured inside the rear section. The ship’s primary color is blue with white highlights. Two clip-on attachments hold three space utilities each and can attach to the surface vehicle or to the rear of the lab. The set includes four classic astronauts (white, yellow, red, and black).

    Alternate models shown on the box include variations on the large ship, a surface station and a giant space chicken (one photo even shows an astronaut sticking his head inside the chicken's beak).


    In my opinion it is one of the best (and most overlooked) large space ships put out by the LEGO Group. Other large ships look to be chiefly for short transport or defensive purposes but this is probably the only ship that adequately suits the need of an exploration team (with living quarters, long-range transport and a mobile vehicle for surface travel).


    Set Rating:Excellent

    I gave the set a high rating for its inclusion of the very useful wall panels and four different colored astronauts along with lots of space utilities. There are plenty of bricks to spill out on the floor and keep you busy making your own creations. An excellent stand-alone set.

    Model Rating:Excellent

    The model is sturdy with lots of interior space which is fairly uncommon in space ship models. The fact that the model includes a breakaway section and even a small mobile vehicle make it that much more useful.

    Playability Rating:Must-Have

    Kids of all ages would love this model for its size as a large ship that allows the astronauts to move in and out of the ship through hatches and canopies. Top hatches and doors allow access to every portion of the ship. The fact that there is a main space ship, detachable laboratory and surface vehicle with four astronauts could add up to hours of numerous playing possibilities.


    I really like the overall design of this model. While some of the extras added to the top of the ship are kind of goofy and the ship is somewhat bulky, thankfully it doesn’t look like a giant flying shoebox (think of the 6783-Sonar Transmitting Cruiser). There was nothing I didn’t like about the set.


    The set comes with six double-pane convex wall panels, six convex-corner waffle panels and two 4x10 transparent yellow plates. While none of these elements is specifically unique to the set, the double-pane and waffle panels are available in only a handful of sets from this era.


    There are numerous pre-printed bricks.
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    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    Joseph Gonzalez 32 --- My favorite theme is still Castle, but in searching out older Space sets, my interest has been keenly growing toward this theme.

    I’m not a completist in any sense, but rather seek out the more interesting models to add to my collection. Most interesting/valuable sets stay in their original box and are taken out from time to time to see what sort of alternate models can be created using only pieces from that set; the mediocre sets get thrown in “the pile” for use in my own creations. I’m also purchasing sets to begin my children’s collection (maybe they’ll stay away from my stuff that way).


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