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[6769 Set Photo] Fort Legoredo (us)
Le Fort LEGOREDO (fr)
Fuerte LEGOREDO (es)
Fort Apache (uk)
Wild West Banner
Wild West

Ages 8-12 / 668 Pcs
Set ©1996
Price Range: $85-$90, bought for $71.25 (U.S. Dollars)

Review Written: 15 February 1997 by J. William Kenlon
Special Features / Compatibility
Extra Elements
  • The little leaf thing from King Kahukaís headress
  • Decals: Yes
    Scale: Mini-Figures

    Ratings: Set: Must-Have Models: Fair Playability: Excellent

    If I had an extra $85.00 laying around, I would probably buy a space set, but yes, I would recommend it to absolutely anyone. This does make a good first set.


    The fortís main colors are brown and black, with a touch of red. The main models are the fort, and a tiny cannon-towing cart. Six cavalry men included, plus four bandits. On the box there are several wagons, and a very tall fort.


    This set is a gem in the LEGO universe, with several new pieces, great versatility, and great possibilities.

    The set separates into four sections, which can be reconnected in many ways, either to make a different or better fort, or just to get in there and play with it easier. I keep mine the same as it is in the instructions.

    The most notable section is the back wall, or that with the Headquarters, jail cell, and ďstableĒ. Inside the Headquarters, there are two chairs and a circular table. If the table is rotated in one direction, the floor beneath one of the chairs will fall, and the former occupant of the seat will decend to the room below him, and not in a very graceful manner. This mechanism is rigged underneath both of the two chairs. If the man in the chair near the door falls, he will land in the ďstableĒ. If the man in the other seat falls, he lands in the jail! Neat trick. The thing I donít like about the back section is that a horse canít fit in the stable without having to bend his neck downward (which, as I happen to know, makes the horseís neck extremely loose and squeaky).

    The set is just plain impressive. The size was one thing that got me excited about it, and the fact that it could open up just like the older Castle sets could (before those silly mountain baseplates came out). The horns on the rooves look sort of goofy, but itís easy to take them off. I like the Union Army minifigures a lot more than the figures from the pirate sets. Itís good that the soldiers have a way to get up to the catwalks, in the form of a ladder or two, which increases itís playability. All of the ceilings open up, which also increases the setís playability. This set is especially good in conjuction with the 1997 sets 6706 Frontier Patrol and Weapons 6716 Weapons Wagon.

    All in all, this set is great, complete with good-guys, bad-guys, locking doors, and trap-doors (a LEGO classic).


    Set Rating:Must-Have

    There can be no Western set-up without it; itís indespensible (particularly if you enjoy reenacting ďThe Good, the Bad, and the UglyĒ). The elements were used brilliantly, and I loved how all of the log bricks were only eiher 2 or 4 studs long. The set makes a great display piece.

    Model Rating:Fair

    Playability Rating:Excellent

    The fact that it opens up and the rooves can be lifted makes the set great for playability. Kids would love this set. It has the 2 opposing sides, a vehicle, weapons, and everything else it takes to make a realistic (?) Wild West setting.


    I like the playability and the realism. It is sort of frustrating that when someone is already in jail, no one else can be dropped from the headquarters room. And why is there a big hole in the back wall?


    The new log bricks and walls were unique to Wild West. There are two trap-door pieces which are new. The minifigures and the soldier hats are also unique to the Western theme. [Editorís note: The new straight staircase, made up of stacked plates, is also new with the Western/Wild West series]


    2 Decals (not counting those that are applied to the flag elements). One does cover two bricks.
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    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    J. William Kenlon --- Space, followed by Western and Aquazone.

    I buy sets to look at them and occasionally play with them. Elements are nice too. I do buy some sets just for the people (i.e. Roboforce) and I suppose thatís how I got 673 of them.


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