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[6484 Set Photo] F1 Hauler (us)
Kranvogn (da)
Formel 1 Bergungskran (de)
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Town System / Race

Ages 8-12 / 264 Pcs
27 page manual. 1 model. 1995 LEGO Catalog. ©1995
Price Range: $42.97 (US) Per Element: $0.18

Review Written: 20 December 1994 by Patrick Yagle
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Lighted Bricks (9v)
  • Mini-Motor
  • Extra Elements
  • Various Small Elements
  • Decals: None
    Scale: Mini-Figures Scale
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Must-Have Models: Very-Good Playability: Excellent

    A very nice set; Iím glad I added it to my collection.


    The set includes two vehicles: A Formula One race car and a large crane truck. It also includes a pit area, complete with an assortment of 6 tools. The color scheme is white/red/black (from top to bottom) with plenty of decorated elements. The crane truck has a lighted elements and a mini-motor (and pole-switch) to operate the crane.


    The F1 car is standard LEGO fare, using a one piece car chassis element. The chassis element does seem to be a little different than those I have seen (but it has been quite a while since I bought Town System LEGO); it is modified on the bottom to allow it to ride closer to the ground. The one piece axles (for the snap-on wheels) are also new to me. They cause the wheels to stick out past the sides of the car and also wrap around the chassis piece to make the car ride closer to the ground. It ends up looking quite nice and sitting with the bottom of the car less than 1/16 of an inch from the ground.

    The crane truck is amazing. It is the first Town System set Iíve owned that used a battery and lights. The battery box (holding a single 9V battery) is hidden completely in the center of the truck. There is a hidden switch for the battery box which is very clever and easy to operate. The light element is also well hidden, its bulbs nestled inside transparent red angled elements. The cab of the truck is great as well. This is the first LEGO vehicle Iíve seen where the driver does not sit on the centerline of the vehicle; he sits on the left, where I feel he belongs (no offense to those who drive on the right side of the road, the truck is easily converted to right hand drive). There is even a 1x2 decorated tile with a speedometer and other gauges. The crane is the best part! The crane is driven via pulleys by the mini-motor. The pole-switch is well hidden just beneath the crane.

    I should tell the story about purchasing this set. My wife and I were at Wal-Mart doing some last minute Christmas shopping when I spotted this set. While I was admiring it, a little boy (no older than 7 or 8) remarked to his mother, ďthat boy likes that truck.Ē Iím 23 years old, have a receding hairline, and hadnít shaved for two or three days (Iím a grad-student, why should I shave?) Iíve never felt so self-conscious or embarrassed about my LEGO addiction.


    Set Rating:Must-Have

    When I first saw this set in a new í95 catalog, I liked it. I usually only collect Expert Builder / Technic sets, but this one caught my eye.

    This set contains to many great elements for one to not purchase it. For those who want a mini-motor and pole-switch but do not want to buy 8082 Multi Control Universal Set, this is the less expensive way to go. Since I already have set 8082, that means I've got a second mini-motor and a smaller 9V battery box, which is great for smaller motorized creations, since it allows them to carry their own battery without the added weight of 6 AA batteries.

    Model Rating:Very-Good

    While the F1 Racer is pretty standard stuff, the crane truck packs an amazing amount of detail and function into a small package. The fact that the driver sits on the left-hand side of the cab is remarkable.

    Playability Rating:Excellent

    If I were 10 or 15 years younger, I could (and would have) spent hours and hours playing with this set. The crane is very powerful and could probably lift the entire truck, battery and all. The metal hook is sturdy and just about anything could be towed/lifted. The assortment of tools (described later) are also very cool.


    The use of the mini-motor for the crane and total lack of decals.


    The crane is very slow. It would take nearly 45 seconds to fully reel in the string. Not really a big deal and could probably be modified.


    Display Tray

  • Mini-Motor
  • Pole-Switch
  • Battery Box
  • 9V connector cord (short)
  • 1x4 Lighted Element and colored transparent lenses in different colors
  • Metal Hook
  • 2x2 tile decorated with gauges and such
  • 1x6 brick decorated with the words ďFormula 1Ē and a checkered flag
  • 2 Mini Figures (Race car driver and pit crew worker)
  • Dark Grey Tool Assortment (still attached to the sprue from the molding process)

    Special/Unusual Elements

  • Mini-Motor
  • Pole Switch
  • Crane Assembly

    New Elements

  • 1x4 lighted element
  • 9V battery box for a single 9V battery
  • Crane Assembly
  • Car chassis element and axles which allow F1 car to ride lower.
  • Tool Assortment (Oil Can, Power Drill, Hammer, Screwdriver, Open End Wrench, Closed Wrench)

    Non-Plastic Elements

  • 12 Rubber Tires
  • 2 Pulley Belts for the mini-motor (yellow)
  • Very long piece of string (more than 24 inches)
  • Metal Hook


    Thank goodness. Good riddance. I hate decals. All decorated elements are printed and I donít think it should be done any other way. I just wish my Super Car (8880) had no decals.
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    Patrick Yagle 23 --- Technic

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