LEGO® Set Review: 6338 Hurricane Harbor


[6338 Set Photo] Hurricane Harbor (us)
Kystvagtens hovedkvarter (da)
Küstenwache (de)
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Ages 7-12 / 365 Pcs
3 models not including building. ©1995
Price Range: $44.00 (TRU, New York, NY); Per Element: 8 cents

Review Written: 26 December 1994 by Robert C. Barth
Special Features / Compatibility
Extra Elements
  • None
  • Decals: Yes
    Scale: The models are Mini-Figure scale. This set is supposed to be compatible with the previous Coastal Rescue Base but is the exact opposite colors (this one is blue windows with white walls wherease the Coastal Rescue Base has white windows and roofs with blue walls). The uniforms are totally different but you can get around all of this by using this set as a separate shore office.
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Poor Models: Good Playability: Very-Good

    A good set to start from, but by no means a stand-alone.


    This is basically a harbor version of the older Coastal Rescue Base. It includes one shore piece, one ramp piece and a two story bulding built atop these two plates. The set includes a good size helicopter, a smaller boat (same size as the one that comes with the Nautica Police Harbor set) a smal 4x4 jeep, and three people.


    [The set is] crap. The LEGO Group is starting to skimp all over the place.


    Set Rating:Poor

    The set’s first floor has absolutely nothing on it, and the second is a poor excuse for an office. There isn’t a door on the building and it has palm trees and bushes!? The dock is yellow for some reason (instead of grey) and the part that the building itself is on is green (it, in my opinion, should also be grey).

    Model Rating:Good

    All of the vehicles included are adequate. The ship looks a little strange, like The LEGO Group skimped on pieces, along with the jeep, but they are okay.

    Playability Rating:Very-Good

    If you think of building as playing. To make this set into anything worthwhile is not a difficult task. The LEGO Group could have included about ten more pieces to make this a complete set.


    That they expanded the Coastal Rescue Base stuff.


    1. The price was ridiculous for a set of this type (it doesn’t look like much once you’re done).
    2. The yellow dock.
    3. The green floor.
    4. The lack of a first floor.
    5. The palm tree.
    6. The tree/bush.



    Two [elements]. One is on the boat and [is] too hard to explain. The other is a one-piece dolphin.


    Stickers for the signs.
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    Robert C. Barth 20 --- Town

    I have a large town built in my attic and am always looking for ways to expand it.

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