LEGOģ Set Review: 6336 Launch Response Unit


[6336 Set Photo] Launch Response Unit (us)
Unitť-secours du lancement (fr)
Unidad de Socorro para Lanzamientos (es)
Helikoptertransport (da)
Space Center Truck (de)
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Town System / Launch Command

Ages 7-12 / 177 Pcs
23 page manual. 1 model. LEGO System catalog. ©1995
Price Range: paid $11.99 regular $14.99 (Per Element: $0.07 / $0.08)

Review Written: 27 March 1995 by Steve Piehler
Special Features / Compatibility
  • None
  • Extra Elements
  • White 1x1 Round Plate
  • Grey 1x1 Round Plate
  • Transparent-Red 1x1 Round Plate
  • Transparent-Yellow 1x1 Round Plate
  • Decals: Yes
    Scale: Mini-figures scale. Iíd say this truck is better minifig scale than most other minifig trucks because itís bigger, although it doesnít seat two across. On the other hand, it may look too big compared to other trucks, and I donít know how it fits on road plates.
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Fair Models: Good Playability: Good

    This is a nice set. If I didnít already have a bunch of helicopters, Iíd rate it higher. The truck is nifty on its own. I wouldnít buy another one for myself, but Iíd buy it for a friend, especially if he or she had other Launch Command sets.


    6636 is a semitrailer truck that carries a helicopter. The tractor and trailer are nearly entirely white; the tractor has a black grille, and the trailer has 3 red pieces and one blue 1x6 plate. At the rear of the trailer is a folding, rotating dish antenna (the large size) and a flip-up control console (rather like a laptop computer). The tractor and trailer are 6 studs wide.(!) The 1-seat helicopter is typical of helicopters found in several fire and police sets, with minor variations. It's mostly white with more blue than the truck, plus grey landing skids. The rotor blades are black 1x8 plates, not tiles. Two minifigs are included. Both are dressed in blue with Launch Command markings (security badge and LC logo) on their chests. One wears a red baseball-style cap, and the other has a red helmet with transparent visor. Both have microphones (like from a headset) printed on their faces.


    I was eager to buy $15 worth of LEGO so I could take advantage of the free sets offer in the latest Mania magazine, so I went to the nearest Kohlís, which was having a big sale. Kohlís has a smaller selection than it used to, but I thought I could find something.

    I had been eyeing #6340 Hook and Ladder because I like LEGO fire trucks and stations, but it didnít thrill me, and it seemed expensive ($18.99 ($21.99 S@H) for 173 pieces). Launch Response Unit was there, too, and I at first dismissed it because I don't need another helicopter. The truck itself looked nifty, though. Itís low and seems powerful, as if built for a special purpose. It wasnít until I opened the box that I realized that itís 6 studs wide when most vehicles are 4 studs wide. I considered this a plus.

    Iíd rate this set higher than 6357 Stunt ĎCopter Ní Truck. Mainly, I think itís a cool-looking truck.


    Set Rating:Fair

    This set doesnít add many interesting elements except the ones Iíve noted below. Oh, there are a few 1xn reverse slopes in white. I do prefer the small fat tires to the small skinny, but I already have a much of them, so the tires arenít much of a bonus to me.

    Model Rating:Good

    The main model is nicely constructed but pretty standard.

    Playability Rating:Good

    This set would be dandy when combined with other Launch Command sets. It could be modified to carry a Space Shuttle. As-is, thereís quite a bit to do: Drive the truck to the proper location, have the pilot fly the helicopter and videotape the area if interested, communicating all the while the the person at the control console, who is also monitoring the radar.


  • I like the size and scale of the truck as a whole.
  • The low, powerful appearance of the tractor.


  • It rides almost too low; the undercarriage can drag even on low-pile carpet.
  • The trailer lacks fold-down supports for when it's not attached to the tractor.
  • The cab is open to the front wheels.


    Display Tray


    Special/Unusual Elements

  • 6-stud-wide blue transparent windshield
  • 2-piece video camera
  • 2x2 tile with keyboard printed on
  • 2x2 tile with radar screen printed on


  • 1x1, um, somethings. Imagine a 1x1 brick hollowed-out with two adjacent sides taken off. There are two of these, and theyíre compatible with 1x2 tiles that have one vertical side thatís 1 brick high (L-shaped things). These 1x1 elements are corner versions of those.

    Non-Plastic Elements

  • tires Ė 8 wide tires with white hubs; small but not the smallest size


    Four small Launch Command logos (space shuttle) (about 1x1 in size) and another that shows part of Earth with a satellite orbiting Ė part of the the control console.
    Reviewer Information
    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    Steve Piehler 33 --- Town

    Location: Columbus, Ohio, US

    I mostly buy LEGO for separate models, although I don't store the elements as separate sets. I donít build much on my own (donít have many ideas!), so I enjoy a new set and new building instructions. I like sets that have lots of play value ó sets that can ďdoĒ a lot. Thatís why I like #6542 Launch & Load Seaport: itís got a ship to load and unload and a crane to do it, a forklift to move containers around, and a truck to haul containers. Sometimes, though, Iíll buy a set just to get an interesting piece or two. I intend to devote a place in my home to LEGO; maybe then Iíll be more creative in my building. Iím not sure what I enjoy more: building, playing, or (anal-retentive comment ahead) sorting and figuring out how to store elements. Besides Town, I like Trains and Technic.

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