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[6314 Set Photo] City People (us)
Gens de la Ville (fr)
Gente de la Ciudad (es)
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Ages 6-10 / 27 Pcs
No manual. No steps. (You're on your own :). ©1992
Price Range: Price: $8.99 Canadian at the Bay (Per Element: 0.25 per piece approx.)

Review Written: 30 September 1995 by Calum Tsang
Special Features / Compatibility
  • None
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  • None
  • Decals: None
    Scale: Minifigure scale compatible
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Good Models: Excellent Playability: Depends

    Perfect as a gift for someone who likes Town.


    This is a set of six minifigures, for use with the Town System sets. It's cute, although for the money, it's rather expensive, even though it comes with little known parts. It includes:
    1. Construction Worker: Standard blue overalls/legs, and red hard hat. Has a little handtruck/dolly to carry a parcel around in (2x2 yellow brick).
    2. Red Haired Female-Red legs, white and red top, red ponytail hair piece. Comes with a nifty black bicycle.
    3. Equestrian (Circus Trainer?)-Grey legs, red jacket, white gloves (hands), black ponytail piece, and a (yikes!) whip.
    4. Black Haired Man-Yellow legs, black top, yellow arms/hands, sunglasses on head, rounded black hair piece. Life preserver. Looks like he's wearing swimming trunks.
    5. Waiter-black legs, black vest, white arms, black rounded hair piece, moustache on head. 2x2 rounded flat serving tray, and two clear wineglasses.
    6. Octan Worker-Green legs, white top with Octan logo, red cap, with blue lift for raising cars.


    My girlfriend bought City People for me, because I thought the equestrian figure looked like her. I know that sounds silly, but I, along with my sister, really think it does. I have mixed feelings about this set, because it is a strange combination of attributes–the figures as a set aren‘t all that impressive, but each one individual is quite playable and fitting for a town. As a set by itself, it‘s limiting for a child, but integrated into a city, it‘s a welcome addition. For $10, it‘s more than a dollar per figure, but for its play value with other LEGO Town kits, the set is certainly worth it. How confusing. City People is full of dualities.


    Set Rating:Good

    The set of six minifigures is interesting and fills a good cross-section of roles in any LEGO Town. I found that none of the figures really added anything new to my collection, but were certainly welcome. There were a lot of pieces that I have one or two of and it was nice to get a few more, such as the bicycle and hand-truck/dolly. The whip was new to me, but I can't possibly find a situation that requires it.

    Model Rating:Excellent

    The models, (the figures and their associated accessories), are quite detailed, but most LEGO people are. For instance, the new ponytail hair pieces are really pretty as is the groovy bicycle. They are also quite well built, as the only piece that is fragile is the bicycle, the others such as the car lift, are relatively strong, from past experience. I‘ve tried lifting Metroliners and fighter plane models with the car lift piece and it‘s never broken on me.

    Playability Rating:Depends

    If you have very few sets, City People is a must-have, because the more LEGO people you have, the more believable and fun the entire collection becomes. As a set in itself, it‘s kinda boring, but each figure individually, along with its corresponding accessory is quite playable. Six people standing around with bicycles, car lifts and wine glasses is, well, limiting; but each person is a lot of fun, given a few other pieces. I‘d say each “pairing” of person to accessory is excellent.


    Good selection of people, works well with other Town sets, increases playability.


    A bit expensive for the pieces involved, and it‘s limited without other sets to combine with.


    No Display Tray.

    Special/Unusual Elements

    All pieces listed above.


    All pieces listed above.

    Non-Plastic Elements

    No non plastic elements, although the whip is a bit more rubbery and flexible than the rest of the pieces.
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    Calum Tsang 18 Town/Train

    I buy LEGO for integration into my still small Town.

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