LEGO® Set Review: 6263 Imperial Outpost


[6263 Set Photo] Imperial Outpost (us)
Avant-poste Impérial (fr)
Destacamento Imperial (es)
Admiralens bastion (da)
Gefängnisinsel (de)
Governor’s Bastion (uk)
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Pirate System / Imperial Guards

Ages 7-12 / 211 Pcs
20 page manual. 1 models. EU 1995 catalog, LEGO service 1995. ©1995
Price Range: ~170 DKK (No price tag. Bought 7 sets together with ~20% off)

Review Written: 11 October 1995 by Jacob Sparre Andersen
Special Features / Compatibility
Extra Elements
  • White 1x1 Tile
  • Transparent Yellow 1x1 Round Plate
  • Decals: None
    Scale: Mini-Figures
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Good Models: Fair Playability: Very-Good

    Would probably buy it again, if I didn't see some other more interesting elements in another set. Don't pay more than 200 DKK for it (in Denmark).


    Imperial outpost on a small island. Three levels (+ hiding place for a small treasure). Prison, guards room with fire place, cannon with shells (appr. 1.5 m range). One prisoner, two guards and an officer. One piece rowing boat.


    Four out of six special elements (as I define them) are improperly used, but the model gives good oppotunities for play.


    Set Rating:Good

    My first BURP [large grey rock/cliff-size element]. Four mini-figs. My first _real_ South Seas set.

    Model Rating:Fair

    The model is using those 1*5*6 wall pieces so the 1*3 plate at the top sticks out. Rather bad when a nice looking alternative could be made with plain bricks. The BURP fits in.

    Playability Rating:Very-Good

    Caroline [the youngest of Jacob’s three sisters] started out with freeing the prisoner when she saw the outpost. When I started loading the cannon, she rowed to shelter behind the tower - not fair. The place needs another cannon! - And I'll have to make a big ship, so I can free my friend and throw shells at the evil officer. Katrine [another of Jacob’s sisters] found the "secret" hiding place much too fast.


    Enough ladders to make it probable that the mini-figures doesn't need HOG to get around.


    The model is using those 1*5*6 wall pieces so the 1*3 plate at the top sticks out. Rather bad when a nice looking alternative could be made with plain bricks.


    Special/Unusual Elements

  • 1 triangular BURP
  • 1 cannon
  • 1 big flag (5*6 knobs) with crossed cannons
  • 2 quarter circle bricks (4 knobs radius)
  • 1 rowing boat
  • 4 1*5*6 wall pieces
  • 2 rifles


  • Quarter circle bricks (4 knobs radius)
  • Rifles (17th century style IMHO)
    Reviewer Information
    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    Jacob Sparre Andersen 23 My own creations

    I collect bricks, build out of those I have, and always wish for more bricks. Usually the models get mixed up in the rest of the collection within days. I've just recently started buying other stuff than Town and Technic, but I did get a few space sets as a kid (well, as a _younger_ kid).


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