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[6155 Set Photo] Deep Sea Predator (us)
Aquashark u-båd (da)
Aquashark Seeungeheuer (de)
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Ages 7-12 / 99 Pcs
16 page manual. 1 model. ©1995
Price Range: $18.99 (TRU, Sunnyvale CA) Per Element: 19 cents (ouch!)

Review Written: 17 December 1994 by Edward C. Bennett
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Magnets
  • Extra Elements
  • None
  • Decals:
    Scale: The model is Mini-Figure scale. It’s about the size of the large jet airplanes in the airports.
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Excellent Models: Good Playability: Must-Have

    A first-rate set. It would make an excellent first set. Perfect gift material.


    This is the larger of the two Aquasharks sets. Basically, it is a shark-shaped submarine. It has large dome windows fore and aft, one over the cockpit, the other over the cargo hold. The forward dome has eyes and teeth printed on the sides to enhance the shark look. It has two segmented arms for handling cargo, one ends with a claw, the other with a magnet. The craft is “propelled” by an orange propeller that’s inside a guard on the stern.

    The set comes with one crewperson, a shark, a red/green bush, and one Hydrolator crystal in an orange box.


    An excellent set. It looks good and it plays great.


    Set Rating:Excellent

    The design of the Predator is beautiful, it really looks like a shark. The shape of the hull, the placement of the fins, and especially the eyes and mouth all work together to convey the illusion of a mean, hungry beast coming to feed on the tasty Aquanauts.

    Model Rating:Good

    There is no real innovation here, just a brilliant design from mostly standard pieces.

    The Aquashark people have hair! The pilot has brown hair poking out from under the front edge of his helmet.

    There are no stickers in this set. Everything is pre-printed. Those of us who detest the stickers (they are “so” tricky to get straight) can hope that this is the beginning of a trend.

    Playability Rating:Must-Have

    This is the kind of model that you want sitting on your desk at work, it just screams “pick me up and play with me!”

    You know how when kids pick up an airplane they start going “zoom zoom” and flying it around? Well, the Predator has that effect, it’s so sleek and streamlined that you want to “fly” it.

    The arms are fun. You can pick up the orange box (it has a magnet on top) and reach around to the hold to drop it off. The claw doesn’t have much grip, it’s just like the claws on robots and space shuttles, but that's OK.

    You can go EVA and wrestle the shark. The pilot has two exterior- mounted knives within reach to fend off attacks. If that’s not enough, the craft is armed with two forward-firing harpoons. No, they don't really fire :-(


    The no-stickers feature is one I really like. LEGO, if you guys are listening, keep this up.


    I felt kinda cheated by the big piece. Where’s the fun of assembly?



    There are two new pieces, one forms the underside of the bow, the “jaw” of the shark. It’s not a new shape so much as it’s one big piece replacing a dozen small pieces. I think the rational is for a bigger cockpit, Aqua-dwellers get bulky when they wear their breathing gear and swimfins thus they won’t fit in a standard cockpit. The other new piece is the propeller housing.

    I guess the diving helmets should be mentioned. They cover the head and shoulders of the Aquasharks and feature a flip-up face mask.

    Oh yes, swim fins. Little 1-studded flippers that attach to the crew’s feet. Kinda cute.

    Non-Plastic Elements

    There are two magnets.
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    Edward C. Bennett 33 --- Town

    I build big layouts around a theme, right now I’m doing an ocean-based display with ships and docks and seaplanes and such. Aquazone came along at just the right time. (I can't wait for the Paradisa lighthouse.)

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