LEGO® Set Review: 6125 Sea Sprint 9


[6125 Set Photo] Sea Sprint 9 (us)
Aquanaut undervandsfartøj (da)
Aquanaut Minitauchboot (de)
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Aquazone / Aquanauts

Ages 5-10 / 28 Pcs
(flyer) manual: 1 model, 8 steps. ©1995
Price Range: (K-Mart) $3.99 n/c tax, 14.25 cents per piece

Review Written: 12 August 1995 by Martha Brummett
Special Features / Compatibility
  • n/a
  • Extra Elements
  • none (!)
  • Decals: No
    Scale: Mini-Figures
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Must-Have Models: Excellent Playability: Fair

    Good set for the parts, even at the high price per piece.


    This is a small submarine with a grasping claw.



    Set Rating:Must-Have

    Model Rating:Excellent

    This is a small set and took less than five minutes to assemble. It has some very ingenuous use of elements.

    Playability Rating:Fair

    The jets tended to fall off due to their being attached by the lattice side of the fence pieces. The grasping claw was not flexible enough.


    Like the special elements. Dislike high price per piece.


    Practically every piece in this nice little set is special. There are two yellow pieces (#6042) which are more-or-less a 2x2x3 octagonal column. However, one side (as you look at the piece in a vertical position) is extended so that the piece has pegs so that the piece can attach in a horizontal position to the corresponding holes of another piece. This prevents the element from being placed flush against a wall as a column. In this set, of course, it is used as the main part of a propelling jet.

    There is also an octagonal canopy, like the white ones in "Knight's Challenge". Here it is a beautiful translucent blue. There are also two yellow octagonal cones (2x2x2), a translucent orange propeller, three black 1x1x4 lattice fences, a decorated 2x2 round tile, two chrome knives, and the grasping claw parts.

    The minifig has the red headband and freckles, and an elaborate diving helmet. There are also two blue flippers for him/her.

    Reviewer Information
    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    Martha Brummett 42 --- Castle (Ruddigore)/Pirates (of Penzance)

    The blue canopy is destined to be part of a theatre lobby expresso stand.

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