LEGO® Set Review: 345 Bucket


[Photo not currently available] Town/Paradisa Bucket
Town System Banner
Town System / (Bucket)

Ages 3-12 / 127 Pcs
No Manual. ©1994

Review Written: 4 July 1995 by Martha Brummett
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Brick Separator Included
  • Extra Elements
  • 4 white 4-radius quarter-rounds
  • 2 thick doors, pink
  • 2 thick windows, pink
  • 2 sets of wheels with tires
  • 6 pink 1x4x2 lattice fences
  • Decals: None
    Scale: Mini-Figures
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Good Models: N/A Playability: Good

    Worth it, at discount, for the four quarter-rounds.


    Set 345 is a basic bucket directed at young women from three to twelve. It is a sort of pre-Paradisa set, [and contains elements of] pink, grey, white, and yellow. The pieces are handily shown on one side of the bucket, and the inclusion of four white 4-radius quarter-round pieces are what caused me to buy this set (at a discount). It contains no instructions, and the illustrations on the bucket show fairly crude models. The one on the front seems to be an elaborate gazebo topped with a bird totem. (eight of the decorated 2x4x2 four-peg "totem-pole" pieces are included--they make male, female, bird, and duck icons--and the backs are plain pale green, pink, and black)


    [The scale is] okay for minifigs, but would rather *have* minifigs than these totem-pole pieces


    Set Rating:Good

    Gives the rare quarter-rounds

    Model Rating:N/A

    Playability Rating:Good

    Probably excellent for the younger children


    I dislike the fact the these basic sets never have 1x anythings!


    [No display tray], so I will elaborate on the catalogue which came in it. It is a Belville/Paradisa specialized one (...LEGO marketing...) numbered 996117/996217-US. The cover shows a terrifying scene--a minifig has ridden her horse into the midst of a family of giants, horse, cat, and Baskerville hound and all, who are staring at her hungrily. Pages 2 through 5 are devoted to Belville, 6 and 7 to Paradisa. On page 7, there is a large photo taken at the Paradisa beach. Several minifigs are boozing it up, and one hapless joe has had his life-preserver stolen by a monkey. The back cover says "More Fun in Town!" and shows 6350 Pizza to Go, 6552 Rocky River Retreat, and 6351 Surf 'N' Sail Camper.
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    Martha Brummett 42 --- Castle (Ruddigore)/Pirates (of Penzance)

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