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[2149 Set Photo] Color Line Cargo Truck
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Ages 6-12 / 185 Pcs
16 page manual: 1 model, 35 steps. ©1997
Price Range: (Special set for the private Color Line cruise-company)

Review Written: 26 August 1997 by Christian Kloumann
Special Features / Compatibility
  • King-pin connection between truck and semi.
  • Independent operation of the two sets of rear wheels on the bogie.
  • Extra Elements
  • 1 Blue 1x1 Tile
  • 1 Antenna
  • Decals: Yes
    Scale: The set would fit perfectly into any LEGO town. If has one Mini-figure, the driver. He has a white upper body before he gets his Color-line logo. The logo is applied as a decal.
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Must-Have Models: Excellent Playability: Excellent

    I highly recommend this unique set. It is specially made, and very tempting. The model is realistic and it fit in perfect with many other LEGO sets. It is, unfortunately, not easy to get.


    LEGO 2149 is a special set. It is made for a Scandinavian cruise-company, the Color Line. The set is brand new for 1997, but can only be bought if you are travelling with the Color Line company. 2149 is a blue and white semi-trailer. It carries 2 white containers. The truck has six wheels and the semi has four.


    Containers. Strong. Stable. Spacious; yet easy to handle. But they have to be transported. You can see them stacked on the railways and cargo ships. Huge trailers are needed. So here it comes. A rock-solid 10-wheeler on its way to deliver two containers.

    The silver exhaust pipes of the truck are the same as on the 2148, and I like the the V-shaped hood. The driver has a white upper body before he gets his Color-line logo. This logo is a decal.

    The two sets of rear wheels of the bogie operate independently. This means that all 4 wheels will roll, even if the road is uneven. The semi is attached to the main truck with a king-pin. On the underbody you find a support that can be lowered. With this the semi is easily put into position for connection and unhooking. The semi are also equipped with a spade and a broom.

    The two cargo containers are white, 12 LEGO studs in length, with doors on the short wall. The Color Line Cargo decals cover 3 pieces of the longitudinal walls.


  • Main truck: 14,1 cm (5.6 inches)
  • Semi : 19,4 cm (7.6 inches)
  • Connected : 29,2 cm (11.5 inches)


    Set Rating:Must-Have

    LEGO 2149 is a special set. It gives a unique feeling to own and assemble a special set from The LEGO Group. They are rare, and I think of it as a privilege to be one of the few. On the box you see the model at a seaport, which helps place this among other great LEGO Nautica sets of the past as well.

    Model Rating:Excellent

    The elements are used effectively, and I like the realistic design of this model. I recognize the resemblance to the 2148 (Semi Rig). The 2148 and 2149 should be lined up, side by side.

    Playability Rating:Excellent

    The set is, on account of the containers, of great current interest in connection with the LEGO sets 4555 (Freight Loading Station) and 4549 (Road 'N Rail Hauler). The containers are easy to lift up and put down in place again. Maybe the king-pin fits into the 2148 (Semi rig)? This opens up the possibilities.


    First of all: I am surprised to see The LEGO Group construct such a sustained and tempting model for a private, isolated company. The set is very nice, and more LEGO fans should be able to get it. But it has decals. Each container has got two on the longitudinal walls. They cover 3 LEGO pieces each! But the decals are at the very least attractive and realistic anyway.


    The elements of special note in this set are the silver exhaust pipes that also appear in 2148 (Semi rig, new in 1997), the blue V-shaped element that makes the hood, and the King-pin connection.


    There are several decals in the set, and while they are attractive, some of them do cover multiple elements.
    Reviewer Information
    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    Christian Kloumann 33 Town, Trains

    I have a great number of LEGO sets. I “rediscovered” LEGO 4 years ago. I live in Norway, but I often buy LEGO in Denmark and Germany. I build all the models, but I seldom take them apart. If I need the pieces, I buy another set if I can afford it. My LEGO town is growing, and so is my enthusiasm. When I went from Norway to Denmark this summer, I bought serveral sets of this 2149 model, and have assembled one of them.

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