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[1787 Set Photo] Crater Cruiser (us)
Engin Des Crateres (fr)
Crucero de Crateres (es)
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Ages 7-12 / 180 Pcs
24 page manual. 1 model. Full Brochure, 4.100.006/4.100.007-NA. ©1995

Review Written: 13 December 1994 by Joshua Delahunty
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Nothing Special
  • Extra Elements
  • 1 Transparent Blue 1x1 Round Plate
  • 1 Flourescent Yellow 1x1 Round Plate
  • Decals: None
    Scale: Mini-Figures, Space
    Errors: None

    Ratings: Set: Fair to Good Models: Good Playability: Fair to Good

    Important for the space collector. Nice to have as part and parcel with other Unitron sets (especially the Monorail Transport Base). I will definitely be buying the other Unitron sets after having seen this one.


    This set builds one model, the Crater Cruiser, and comes with two Mini-Figures. Both Figures wear the Dark Grey Unitron uniform, one has the decorated helmet and sunshades; the other a plain yellow helmet.

    The Crater Cruiser is two vehicles in one. The land vehicle features 6 black moon tires, in graduating sizes from small to large (not extra large). It features a front cockpit and a set of nested radar dishes (very Jetsons) on the back that fold behind the vehicle when the second vehicle, a flying cockpit, has landed.

    When the flight vehicle is off the pad, the radar dishes fold over the front and appear as a communications base.

    The flight vehicle is similar to the pods used in the Monorail Transport Base, although it has more detailing, and a visible means of propulsion (again, nested radar dishes that look straight out of the Jetsons).

    The land vehicle is primarily black and blue, with a blue transparent cockpit window. The flight vehicle is like colored, with a grey wing. Both have flourescent yellow accents (antennae, radar dishes, and 1x1 round plates).


    I really didn't think I'd like this set at all. The pictures of all the Unitron sets look pretty dull. The graduated wheels, while a good idea in principle, don't work so well with the difference in size between the three available pre-fab elements.

    I personally think that too many ships have too many 8 height thin antennae sticking off them all the time lately. It makes the sets hard to deal with without damaging them, and looks a little gimmiky. This set is very similar.

    However, I love the 6991 Monorail Transport Base, and I think that being that this set is part of the same theme, they fit well together, and it keeps the monorail from standing alone. As a companion piece, I'm happy to have it, and it fits in well there.

    Once I built it, I had more appreciation for it. It definitely looks nicer when you see it up close. Having it fly and roll is always nice. It usually takes a larger set before you get both functions (unfortunately, a larger piece count could have allowed for more to have been done).


    Set Rating:Fair to Good

    The set is pretty standard fare. One could most likely build this set (or something quite close) with the parts from the larger Space Police sets with very little trouble. Lots of pre-fab space goodies, but nothing new to add.

    Model Rating:Good

    While the picture makes the set look unappealing, I did have a different feeling once I saw the set up close. It's very close to the M:Tron space vehicles, and I liked them quite a bit. If the set were larger, it would make a nicer model. Unfortunately, except for the nested radar dishes, this is all stuff we've seen before.

    Playability Rating:Fair to Good

    If this was the only Unitron set, or the only LEGO set I received, I think I'd be pretty disappointed. As a standalone, it's pretty dull. Placed in with other sets, I would enjoy it more. There's just not too much to do with the one set alone. There's no cargo to load or unload, except the flight vehicle; it's a pain to get the guy in and out of the front cockpit, and there's no tools for them to use (not even phasers).


    The radar dishes are neat. The way the flight ship connects to the base is pretty nice (it sits on tiles, and connects securely to a single stud in the middle), it allows you to snap the ship on securely, but remove it easily.


    The radar dishes on the ship are connected via a single stud to a 1x2 beam, sideways. Not too sturdy. Lack of auxiliary items, such as tools or other cargo.


    Part of the problem with this set is that it features nothing new or exciting. Well, except for more Unitron astronauts, that's about it.
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