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[1746 Set Photo] Majisto's Treasure
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Ages 5-10 / 17 Pcs
Set ©1995
Price Range: Marked at US $1.99 but rang up at $1.50 Per Piece: with 2 extra, 7.9˘/pc

Review Written: 9 January 1995 by Derek Schin
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Glow in the Dark Wand
  • Extra Elements
  • 1 green "light"
  • 1 red "light"
  • Decals: None
    Scale: Mini-figures
    Errors: None.

    Ratings: Set: Very-Good Models: Good Playability: Good

    I'd recommend this set, if you have a spare two bucks. Try going to Target for it, maybe you'll receive the same 25% off I did for no apparent reason. It had a US $1.99 price tag on it, but the scanner read it as costing $1.50.


    This is another of the small plastic bag type sets, 95 model year. It is in an orange package with yellow stars and moons surrounding a picture of the set. The set is a Majisto magician pulling a small cart that has a treasure chest and a falcon on it. I think it's the first Majisto with only a wand and not a scroll. The chest contains a red and green "light"-- a flat circle 1x1. The cart has two brown wagon wheels for movement and a handle for it to be pulled or pushed by.


    I'm glad I bought this set. I started looking for the baggies after I saw Todd's review of the Spyrius one (which I also bought today). One of my friends here at school called it Magician on the Move when he saw it, and since it doesn't have a name, I guess that's as good as anything.


    Set Rating:Very-Good

    The price was right (less than eight cents per piece) and it gave me another magician, treasure chest, and falcon, so I think it was worth it. As for colors, it contains a black 2x6 and a wheel support, a grey handle piece, a blue 1x2 piece with the little circles attached to the ends (shown below), and brown wheels and chest, with the aforementioned magician, falcon, and green and red 1x1s.

    Model Rating:Good

    The main model is something any 7 year old would come up with--though that isn't neccesarily bad! The three little pictures on the back weren't any better. The best of those was a "night" setting that included Majisto sleeping with his hat turned around backward (so his eyes were covered).

    Playability Rating:Good

    This set is obviously not going to be a centerpiece of anyone's collection. However, it conjures up an image of a travelling salesman, carrying his wares on a cart, with only his falcon (and a magic wand) to protect him. Or maybe a magician who goes from kingly court to court, amazing audiences as he adventures across ancient areas. For 17 pieces, what do you want?


    For the price, I got another magician and falcon...I think I already mentioned that, though.


    It didn't have a name. It's just the Seventeen Forty-six, I guess.


    I guess that this is the cheapest way ever to get a Majisto and a falcon. But as for special pieces--maybe his glow-in-the-dark wand?
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