LEGO® Set Review: 1737 Scorpion Detector


[1737 Set Photo] Scorpion Detector (us)
Detecteur-Scorpion (fr)
Exploriens forskningsbil (da)
Exploriens ‘Mercury I’ (uk)
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Space System / Exploriens

Ages 7-12 / 196 Pcs
24 page manual. 2 models - “car” and “trailer”. ©1996

Review Written: 8 July 1996 by Kevin Stefan
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Magnets
  • Extra Elements
  • Transparent-Yellow 1x1 Round Plate
  • Decals:
    Scale: Mini-Figures

    Ratings: Set: Excellent Models: Excellent Playability: Excellent

    This is a good set. I really like it. What more can be said? A good mid-sized set.


    [In Europe, this is set 6938 -ed.] A vehicle resembling a dune buggy with two large arms mounted to it, pulling a trailer with a swiveling gun / telescope station. From here on in, I'll call it the “gun”. The colours are Exploriens white and black with trans-dark-blue and trans-yellow. Alt. models: a small space base, a “dune buggy plus”, and a small spaceship.


    It's a “limited edition”, according to the box. I wish it wasn't. This set is a great one to expand the Exploriens line with; a mid-sized vehicle fits perfectly. The set is fun to play with, and has a great parts assortment.


    Set Rating:Excellent

    This set has many useful specialised pieces, plus a few basic ones. A lot of “action” pieces (hinges, turntables, etc.) and a lot of transparent-yellow parts. It's got good variety and moderate value.

    Model Rating:Excellent

    The Scorpion Detector has a lot of good features. The arms were the only main drawback. I didn't like them much at all. They are big, spoil the lines of the dune buggy (which is even cooler w/o them) and swing too easily. Other than that, the model is excellent. The gun is very nice, and the model is very attractive overall. Even with the arms. The other drawback is that the cockpit is open, even by LEGO standards. Obviously there aren't any short aliens here, or they would bite the driver in the butt.

    Playability Rating:Excellent

    The set fits in well with the Exploriens theme, which is, IMHO the most versatile Space theme of recent years. They remind me of the United Federation of Planets – can “boldly go” and explore new worlds, or can kick somebody else all around the Galaxy. There are a variety of items on here that can be considered as either guns or sensors. Either choice leads to a lot of fun play. The two vehicles, two figs, etc. make this set a great choice for somebody without much LEGO. The arms, ugly as they may be, permit a bunch of “alien exploration”. The gunner's seat is a great detail, and adds to playability and realism. A great set.


    Great playability, cool gun, great styling. A cool set.


    Arms are not particularly nice, and cockpit is too open. Limited edition.


    Display Tray

    Tray featuring minifig, three large trans round “dishes” wheels and canopy.

    Special/Unusual Elements

    Plenty, pretty much evident from the box.


    Exploriens pieces, inc. gun, 1/4 dish, “wing” part.

    Non-Plastic Elements



    “Two way magnetic tile” decals (the open/closed jaw and the egg/alien), “dish stripe” hologram sticker, “circle” hologram sticker, hologram sticker stuck to the box. (why?)
    Reviewer Information
    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Theme
    Kevin Stefan 19 --- Most.

    Music for review: “Bad Hair Day” by Weird Al. Playability: MUST-HAVE A great album, even better than his last. Of course, I'm an “Al-Oholic”.

    I typically buy sets for parts, but build the main model until the parts are needed.

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