Below are two charts showing the hierarchy of LEGO® Product Lines (Ranges) and Themes within the LEGO SYSTEM® Product Program. Displayed in bold are those themes that have set reviews in this archive.

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LEGO SYSTEM® Product Programme

Aquazone Castle System Pirate System Space System Town System Wild West
Aquanauts Black Knights Imperial Armada Blacktron Coast Guard
Aquaraiders Crusaders Imperial Guards Blacktron: Future Generation Construction
Aquasharks Dark Forest Islanders Exploriens Flight
Dragon Masters Pirates Futuron Launch Command
Forestmen Soldiers Ice Planet 2002 LEGOLAND Town
Royal Knights LEGOLAND Space MAX RPM
Wolfpack M:Tron Nautica
Space Police Paradisa
Spyrius Race
Unitron Recreation
Stunt Club
Time Cruisers

LEGO SYSTEM® Product Programme (continued)

Belville Floating Boats Model Team Technic Trains
Boat Build 12v
Model 4.5v
Play 9v
Universal Building Set