LEGO® Set Review: 6350 Pizza To Go
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Pizza To Go (us)
Pizza a emporter (fr)
Pizza Para Llevar (es)

Ages 6-10 / 143 Pcs
11 page manual. ©1994
Price Range: USA $17.25
Special Features / Compatibility
  • None (the pizza, perhaps?)
  • Extra Elements
    Decals: Yes
    Scale: Mini-Figure Compatible
    Errors: None


    [Editor’s Note: The theme Recreation does not actually exist in the U.S. I am basing the name of the theme on the 1995 German catalog, which puts this set in the “Freizeit” (Free Time) theme.]

    A small pizza shop with a counter to buy pizzas over, a “PIZZERIA” sign, and a pizza oven in back; a small pizza delivery truck with room in the back to keep pizzas warm; and three minifigs (one of whom is a chef), five pizzas, a trash can, etc.


    When I take apart all my LEGO sets in a few days (after repairing a few more pieces), the Pizzeria will be one of the few that remain on display on my shelves. I said it before and I’ll say it again; it’s cute, and immensely playable. The LEGO set designers did a good job with this one, with details all the way down to the pizza oven and the oar to take the hot pizzas out with.


    Set Rating:Excellent

    For a small set, this does a good job of providing useful pieces. The pizzeria has lots of white bricks in it, and the pizza delivery truck can be used as any sort of delivery van. The set comes with five pizzas, too! (2x2 round yellow tiles, printed with pictures of a pizza) It also has a trash can and a clear mug, a boat-paddle for taking pizzas out of the oven with, and a chef with his chef’s hat.

    Model Rating:Excellent

    The star of this set is the pizza truck. It’s sturdy, solid-feeling, and it rolls wonderfully. The back of it is a windowframe piece covered by shutters; when you open it, there are two slots into which you can snugly fit two pizzas each to keep them “warm”!

    The pizzeria itself has a pizza oven in back: open a door, and there are two shelves for pizzas, as well as a grating “vent” in front of the oven!

    Playability Rating:Must-Have

    The best word to describe this set is definitely “CUTE”. It's small but clever, and is a must-have in any growing LEGO Town.


    Five pizzas. 'Nuff said. :)

    A big red slightly-slanted one-piece roof.

    A trash can.

    Four red gently-sloped roof corner pieces that I’ve never seen in any sets before.

    A small “radar dish” with a stripe design on it, to be used as a table umbrella.

    Lots of other “special” pieces; look at the box!


    Lots of negative points here. One of the stickers is the “Pizzeria” sign that covers three long bricks. The other two stickers are for the sides of the van, and they cover lots of pieces and would make it exceedingly hard to take the van apart again.
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    Brian Kendig 23 --- Town

    I recently unearthed all my old LEGO sets, twenty years’ worth of them, after being out of the scene for several years (I don't know what ever possessed me). I found sixty-six instruction booklets intact, there were many pieces left over when I built all of them, and I estimate that I’ve got between eight and ten thousand pieces in all.

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