LEGO® Set Review: 4552 Kran- og servicevogn
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Cargo Crane (us)
Kran- og servicevogn (da)
Servicewaggon (de)

Ages 7-12 16 page manual. 1 model. Small 1995 EU catalog & LEGO Service 1995 catalog. ©1995
Price Range: 328 DKK (only paid 262,50 DKK)
Special Features / Compatibility
  • Magnets
  • Extra Elements
    • One Clear 1x1 Round Plate
    • One Transparent-Yellow 1x1 Round Plate
    • One Grey Connector Peg with Stud
    • One Black/Grey Control Stick
    • One Black Mini-Figure Helmet Visor
    Scale: Mini-Figures, Trains
    Errors: None

    I you have some track and an engine, it's not a bad buy. The catalog shows the crane clearing the track after an accident, which points to the need for something to let it work with.


    Two train cars. One with a heavy duty crane, the other a flat-bed car with a green work container and a small track car.


    A nice set, but I needs to be put together with some other sets. It comes with some useful 'tools', but without something to work on. I'll have to dig out the rest of my trains to really appreciate the set.


    Set Rating:Good

    I have some ideas for good use of the special windshield, while the rest are useful, but not desperately wanted pieces.

    Model Rating:Very-Good/Good

    The crane car is very good and uses just the right amount of elements while the second car with the work container is limited like most other current models.

    Playability Rating:Good

    It didn't just make me start playing with it like 6263 Imperial Outpost, but there are certainly possibilities in the set.


    The crane has a good solid feeling. They are using just the right amount of bricks for it.


    The crane feels like it isn't mounted good enough.


    Special/Unusual Elements

  • One 2*6*2 weight block
  • Four octagonal cones
  • One 1*4 bottom, 3*4 top, 4-height transparent light-blue windshield
  • Two 1*4 plates with standard wheel axles
  • Four train wheels to mount on standard wheel axles


  • 1*4 plates with standard wheel axles
  • Train wheels to mount on standard wheel axles

    Non-Plastic Elements

  • String for crane
  • Stickers
    Reviewer Information
    Reviewer Name Age (at review) E-Mail WWW Favorite Product Lines/Themes
    Jacob Sparre Andersen 23 My own creations

    I collect bricks, build out of those I have, and always wish for more bricks. Usually the models get mixed up in the rest of the collection within days.

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