LEGO® Set Review: 4546 Road N' Rail Maintenance
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Trains / 9v

Road N' Rail Maintenance (us)
Draisine (fr)
Schienen- und Straßenfahrzeug (de)
Rail and Road Combi-Vehicle (uk)
Spoorbaan Inspektie-auto (nl)

Ages 8-12 / 74 Pcs
1 page manual, leaflet: 1 model, 13 steps. ©1991,1993
Price Range: (trade) $8.99 US / Toys R Us
(Traded for three Canadian catalogs: 1985-87)
Special Features / Compatibility
  • 9v Trains. Runs on 4.5v and 12v track as well
  • Magnets
  • Extra Elements
    • Control Stick
    • Grey 1x1 Round Plate
    • Transparent-Yellow 1x1 Round Plate
    Decals: Yes
    Scale: Mini-Figure
    Errors: Extra Decals

    I would have bought both [it and 4525] last summer, if they had [had] the 4546 :)


    [I'll admit I wasn't going to write this review originally, but my girlfriend said "So I will see a review of this in my mailbox soon?", reminding me I usually write like six pages on a 10 dollar set. Because you can't readily find the 4546 anywhere, except little pockets of stock around the country, I wasn't going to review it. But I figure, hey, if I can convince ONE person to go and buy one....and they have one at their local store etc.]

    4546 is a high rail (or landrail), which is a vehicle with both tires for land and wheels for rail. These are found in the real world: CN (Canadian National) actually has a few of these in our area, where the main tracks and passenger platform merge in a station with the Toronto subway. The 4546 is much like these vehicles, it's a little yellow pickup truck mounted onto a special red chassis that includes a pair of bulbous medium sized tires with yellow hubs, and a pair of reduced sized train wheels. It also has a magnet coupler to be dragged along by a train or to tow the 4525 Road and Rail Repair digger, which fits in nicely.

    The chassis is well done, with a spring suspension that adds to play value, and makes the truck easier to get off the track without actually lifting the thing off the rails. Other cute bits include a trashcan, shovel and brush broom, which sit in the back. 4546 also has one minifigure, a man with blue pants, blue shirt with warning strips in white and red and train company logo printed on the front. He has brown hair. It's more or less the same as the 4525 person, except that one has a white (!) hard hat (loaders are more dangerous I suppose)

    The box was very interesting, it had subtle differences which struck me as extremely odd when I got it in the mail. For instance, there was no piece count on the front, but instead on the bottom. It was listed as made in Denmark and the entire package had more blank space (silver/grey) than the 4525 had. Oh well. No big deal, we don't buy for the package anyways. Or do we? :) I have my 4558 Metroliner box propped up on my other desk as a monument to gross overindulgence.


    When I saw the 4525 Road and Rail Repair set this summer at the LEGO Creative Play Center in Ontario Place here in Toronto, I immediately bought it. What a great set, I thought. I'd never seen it in stores but only in the catalog, I knew there was a set previous to this one, which was a pickup truck. When Doug Finney offered one in trade for the catalog auction I was having, I jumped at the chance to get a 4546, the Maintenance truck. Thanks, Doug, this is great!

    I'm certainly glad that I did, because 4546 is another one of those nifty sets. It's proof that not every LEGO set has to be expensive to be good. Perhaps I'm being overly critical of my past reviews, but I've felt that I rate smaller sets worse than bigger sets. Maybe this is because I spend more time selecting larger sets than the quick purchases of little ones. Or maybe I'm just biased to spending more money :) Whatever, I'm at least confident that if you're a Train fan, you'll want a 4546. And that I can rate a set good even if it's under $15.


    Set Rating:Must-Have

    For train fans, 4546, like most train sets, is a must-have. I've deviated from this rule before-I wasn't so crazy about the 4537 Twin Tank Transport, but in general, when it's Train, you gotta have it. But it's not just that-The Road and Rail Maintenance has a successful blend of design, features and value.

    Model Rating:Must-Have

    My review of the Road and Rail Repair, 4525, rated it as an EXCELLENT design. I think I'll have to move both to MUST-HAVE status, because I forgot to take into account how really innovative these two models are. It's more creative than say, the 4564 Railrunner, which is really an incremental upgrade than a bold new design (like the 4559, like it or not).

    The 4546 has solid design, and looks nice. The colour scheme is cute and the chosen pieces add good detail. I've actually had a chance to look at one of these highrail vehicles up close, and chat with the driver. The LEGO Group has done a pretty good job of modelling the features of these trucks. The rail wheel mechanism is done right, and the overall "look" is correct.

    It fits in nicely with a Train layout, and adds a certain authenticity to a railroad. (those Metroliner tracks don't maintain themselves! :) Even without a freight train, the Road and Rail Maintenance works well. It also matches with the 4525, and they compliment each other, as if the 4546 tows the digger around.

    Playability Rating:Must-Have

    Like it's successor and other train sets, the 4546 is low cost, yet fun addition to the Train line. While the 4525 has the digger arm and bucket, you get a trash can and a set of tools (brush and shovel) which can also be fun to play with (and adds realism). Also, there are the usual truck features like the opening doors and the flip up top to put the figure into. Of course, you can tow the 4525 or have the 4546 towed by a train, and that in itself is a lot of fun too!


    I liked just about everything about this set, except the front of the truck looks a little odd and the magnet blocks the rear train wheel from flipping up totally.


  • magnet, newstyle train type (ie, missing the hook on the bottom)
  • small sized black train wheels (4)
  • red 2x2 with hinge part (2)
  • dark grey trashcan
  • brown broom
  • dark grey shovel
  • red axle/suspension pieces (2)


    Attractive, over doors.
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    Calum Tsang 18 Town / Train / Boats / Dacta

    I buy LEGO sets for their integration into my town, but truthfully, they end up sitting on my desk. :)

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