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1909 Rolls Royce

Ages Experts 2 page manual. 1 model. ©1976
Price Range: Unknown (Got it as a gift)
Special Features / Compatibility
  • None
  • Extra Elements
    • 1 white Technic axle
    • 5 white horse cart style wheels
    • lots of 2 radius quarter round walls
    Scale: Approximately 1:20
    Errors: None.

    Certainly a nice way to build scale cars. If I should aquire this set again, the piece price should be competitive.


    White 1909 Rolls-Royce (Silver Ghost?). Open car with horse-cart like wheels. One spare wheel. No active steering. UK model (availiable as continental?). Comes with a box to put the model on. Seems not to be intended to play with.


    [I] made my cousin give it to me. It took some time, but I managed in the end. The car was just standing on a shelf. He had thrown the instructions away, but a phone call to Billund handled that. The next day there was an envelope with 2*4 bricks on it in the mail. Now that I have the instructions, I'm going to take the car apart, wash the bricks and use them for something. I got the set to give the bricks a good home.


    Set Rating:Must-Have

    Lots of 2 knobs radius quarter round walls. 19 years old (better than most Whiskey).

    Model Rating:Excellent

    Makes a lot out of a limited choice of elements. Looks like a Rolls.

    Playability Rating:Fair

    It rolls. Made to be showed off, not to be played with.


    Elements. Looks like the original. Good use of a limited choice of elements.


    For exhibition only.



  • White horse cart style wheels

    Non-Plastic Elements

  • Rubber tires on the wheels
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    Jacob Sparre Andersen 23 My own creations.

    I collect bricks, build out of those I have, and always wish for more bricks. Usually the models get mixed up in the rest of the collection within days. Have a look at my LEGO on the Web at "" I've just recently started buying other stuff than Town and Technic, but I did get a few space sets as a kid (well, as a _younger_ kid).


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