Braden Carter



P.O. Box 152

Capitola, CA 95010



I am seeking a position architecting and implementing core computing services for companies leading their industries. My strong engineering and management skills uniquely qualify me to help companies achieve their technical goals.


Professional Experience

Manager, Server Architecture, Excite@Home

07/2000 03/2002

Built and led a team of five senior architects, which designed the production service platforms for up to 4 million paying residential subscribers of the @Home cable modem product. Services included mail, news, dhcp, dns, and provisioning databases. Responsibly managed large ongoing capital expenditures, meeting capacity and growth needs while staying under budget.


Managed re-architecture of front and back-end mail solutions to scale from 8 million existing accounts to over 20 million in a cost-effective manner. I managed conception and introduction of new platforms, financial and design reviews with upper management, technical negotiations with vendors, and coordination with project managers. The back-end mail platform redesign saved an estimated $5 million in capital expenditures for the planned 2002 budget.


Managed the design and rollout of a new core provisioning database platform. People depending on these systems included @Home customer service call centers, most cable partners customer service organizations, and customers using the @Home member services websites. With a different storage solution and more efficient volume layouts tailored to Oracle I/O patterns, performance of key business transactions were improved by up to 13 times, while providing better data redundancy and lower overall cost.


Restructured Internet News (INN) service with product strategy to have the platform producing revenue within two fiscal quarters. Research concluded that bandwidth for news cost much more than server and network equipment. As a result, cost analysis evolved to include bandwidth projections as a product of both architecture and regional subscriber traffic profiles, circuit requirements for growth, and server capital needs for new deployments and ongoing field upgrades.


Researched and evaluated high-availability solutions as a replacement for Sun HA 1.3 and 2.0. Presented total cost-of-ownership report detailing expected cost reductions. Calculations used actual SLA metrics, actual measured time-to-respond and time-to-recover, and empirical component failure rates for field machines. Considered: Veritas Cluster Server (VCS), Integratus Universal HA, Sun HA 3.x


Created streamlined build infrastructure with content versioning managed under CVS. This platform allowed for many ways of creating new system images: cloning disks, network-based Jumpstart, cdrom-based Jumpstart, Tivoli, or rdist over ssh. The same mechanism was used for performing new system builds as for applying field upgrades or reimaging machines that could not be reconstructed after a disaster.


Technologies Used: Sun E4500, A3500, E420R, E220R, E450, E250, Netra T105, A1000; EMC Connectrix, Symmetrix, PowerPath, TimeFinder, PERL, Bourne shell, CVS, Extreme Networks OS


Senior Systems Architect, Excite@Home

03/1997 06/2000

Built all development, staging, and production systems as technical lead of the Online Services team, which managed all consumer subscriber acquisition within the company in addition to other revenue-generating agreements. Responsibilities included engineering and supporting all Online Services computing platforms, performance tuning, software development, and technical assistance with strategic business development.


Engineered a 2-tier web platform designed to handle roughly 50 million transactions per day with 99.95% uptime. Traffic never met expected levels, but uptime was consistently better than the design goal. Planned and executed several major migrations with no downtime. Migrations included physically moving equipment between data centers while sites served over 1 million daily requests, remote in-place Solaris OS upgrades, replacing Netscape Enterprise with Apache, and introducing Alteon load balancers into architecture.


Software development followed rapid prototyping and iterative refinement methods, to get as much of the desired result as quickly as possible. Created a dataflow engine for automatically registering domains with InterNIC for commercial webhosting product that used a database instance for enforcing state-model for long-standing transactions. Built a dynamic content generation engine based upon html files and templates with a tagged language, in early 1999 before industry had adopted a templatized approach. Wrote e-commerce scripts for handling company store orders for public and private sites in 1997, using SSL on the front-end and public key cryptography via PGP for back-end communications.


Technologies Used: Alteon load balancers, Sun E420R, Sun A1000, Veritas VxVM, chrootd Apache, Oracle, chrootd NetGenesis NetAnalysis, chrootd AltaVista Search, Rsync over SSH, Samba, CVS, PERL, C, smtpd.


Senior UNIX Systems Administrator, Surfsoft

11/1995 03/1997

Installed Firewall-1 and Gauntlet firewalls and performed site security audits for San Francisco bay area companies. Completed, packaged, and documented DLT serpentine device driver for 64-bit Solaris on HAL systems. Redesigned corporate infrastructure and upgraded site connection. Administered SunOS, Solaris, and BSDI systems for clients on a part-time contractual basis.


Technologies Used: Sun Ultra1/2, Satan, ISS, tripwire, tcp_wrappers, smap and smtpd, portmapper, xinetd, C programming.


Senior UNIX Systems Administrator, BioData, Inc.

05/1995 10/1995

Assessed client needs and wrote in-house proposals for network and system improvements. Installed and tailored servers for Oracle databases to meet specific application needs. Administered Solaris and BSD systems for clients on a part-time contractual basis, including emergency disaster recovery situations.


Technologies Used: Sun Sparc5/10/20, Oracle


UNIX Systems Administrator, CE/CS Dept, UC Santa Cruz

04/1994 08/1996

Maintained one of first 50 web sites on the Internet. Helped build and support 400 Sun workstations and servers, including implementing C2 security and maintaining patches. Published an article through UnixWorld Online magazine with Thomas Kroeger that detailed techniques for securing SunOS. Installed and maintained database instances for graduate and undergraduate database courses.


Technologies Used: Sun Sparc5/10/20, Ultra1/2, SLC, NCD X-Terminal, Netscape Netsite/Fastrak, NCSA httpd, chrootd WU ftpd.



Skills and Technologies

Hardware: Sun E4500, E420R, E220R, E450, E250, Netra T105, Ultra2/5/10, A3500, A1000, D130; EMC Connectrix (McData FC switches), Symmetrix (8x30); Extreme Networks Black Diamond, Summit 32/48; Alteon 180E load balancer; Cisco Catalyst 6500, 2511 terminal server;

System Software: Veritas Volume Manager (VxVM); Sun Disksuite, RaidManager; EMC PowerPath, SymmCLI,


Applications: Apache with modSSL/openSSL, Netscape Enterprise, Oracle 7/8, BIND 4/8, WU and Sun

ftpd, SSH1/2, Sendmail, Checkpoint Firewall-1, TIS Gauntlet, CVS and RCS, Samba, NetGenesis NetAnalysis, Rsync and rdist, smtpd and smap, Satan, ISS, tripwire

Languages: PERL, C, C++, Bourne shell

Operating Systems: Solaris, RedHat Linux, BSDI, IRIX



Education and Publications

Bachelor of Science, Computer Engineering, University of California at Santa Cruz, 2000

How to Improve Security on a Newly Installed SunOS 4.1.3 System
by Thomas M. Kroeger and Braden Carter, published through UnixWorld Online, 1995



References provided upon request.