Presentation Notes:
Interviewing, Negotiating, and Selecting Employment

UCSC School of Engineering Seminar
Braden Carter / Tom M. Kroeger


Please note that this talk was tailored for the San Francisco Bay Area job market.  


* Personal Background
    * high-tech for 6 years
    * 18 contracts in two years, thru 2 companies
    * with Excite@Home for last 3+ years
    * things I've learned:
	* helps to have a plan  (not permanent)
	* choose your lifestyle
	* don't sell yourself short
	* be exactly who you are  (humility, no ego)
    * things I've come to value:
	* excellent management
	* collaboration/teamwork
	* company recognition
	* location (commute/dining, ultimately lifestyle) 

* Lifestyle
    * work location, where living  (willing to relocate?)
    * work hours and commute  (contract or perm)
    * corporate culture  (iview questions; why wake up?)
    * people-peers and management  (playtime?)
    * vacation time  (plan one before accepting an offer)
    * benefits-vacation, concierge, massage, education, 
      meals, games/toys, health (medical-dental-vision), 
      401K (matching?), ESPP (public co. only)
    * quantify-how much $ to do it yourself  (personal 
      preference, anyway; money isn't everything!)

* Career
    * know thyself (strengths, weaknesses, likes, dislikes)
    * structure vs. flexibility
    * permanent vs. contract
    * current skills/experience  (capitalize and position)
    * career track/objective  (prog/qa/dba/sys admin)
    * pers. goals and prof. vision  (think 2-3 years out)
    * evaluate companies on their ability to fulfill dreams

* Companies
    * public or private (established or startup; can 
      determine flexibility-hours, roles, growth)
    * industry recognition
    * career goals and positioning (technologies)
    * training and mentorship
    * (people and benefits; adding it up...)

* Compensation / Understanding Offers
    * salary survey  (salary + stock, typically)
    * performance-based rewards (stock grant/bonus)
    * 6-month / yearly reviews
    * profit-sharing vs. stock ($ now or in the future)
    * basic stock summary:
	* types of stock; ISO, espp, (non-qual)
	* vesting periods (reserved stock, 4 years standard, with 1-year cliff)
	* purchasing and selling
	* chances of IPO/acquisition
    * stock ==> cpa
    * think like an investor; trust the owners/managers?

* Interviewing Basics
    * interviewed 40 people in 8 months, 200+ resumes
    * logistics (phone screen, interview rounds)
    * always bring copies of your resume (+2 extras)
    * opportunity to learn about companies
    * how do you fit in (personally, technically)
    * anticipate questions (technology, company)
    * research, be prepared (company biz, competitors, press/financials)
    * meet the manager and team
    * follow-up!!!

* Resources
    * instructors and researchers
    * recruiters (very tapped into companies/market)
    * fellow students,  Tom, Braden, Desiree
    * salary survey (